The Beginning of Busy Time

So many incredible mentions and developments this week, I don’t know where to begin! THIRD SHIFT is completely written. It’s in the hands of editors and betas, and will be out before the end of the month. I’ll get working on DUST tomorrow and hope to have that moving along nicely, so keep an eye on the progress bar!

WOOL was reviewed in the Guardian ahead of its UK release. That’s the British equivalent of the New York Times. A true honor and thrill (should that be honour?)

Here’s an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald that’s pretty cool.

I’m this month’s reading selection for one of the best Goodreads book groups of all-time! Check out their review, join the group, and get in on the discussion! I’ll be checking in on the thread starting tomorrow and twice daily.

The Hollywood News interviewed me. Unless you’re sick of hearing what I think, check it out right here.

What else? Oh, Dublin has been added to the UK tour. That’s exciting. And I’m leaving on Tuesday to go to Digital Book World in NYC and then off to LA for a week to discuss film stuff. :) This means signed books won’t be going out for at least two weeks. I’ll catch up when I get back. I’ll also be slow to respond to emails, Facebook, Twitter and the like. The next few months are going to be wonkish like this. Bear with me!

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  1. Can’t wait for Third Shift! Looking forward to Dust as well!!!! YAY FOR HUGH HOWEY!!

    1. Hi. Can anyone tell me if SHIFT: THE PREQUEL and THIRD SHIFT:PACT are going to be available on Kindle?

        1. What is the prequel titled?

          1. It’s called “Shift.” There are three parts (First Shift, Second Shift, Third Shift). Or you can wait a few weeks until they are collected into an omnibus edition.

  2. Exciting times indeed!

    Can’t say I agree completely with the Guardian reviewer but overall it seemed to be positive. My personal opinion is that the release in serial fashion last year was a big positive to build readers clamoring for the next installment.

    I find it amazing that you have the time to pull this whole thing off. Well done!

  3. I missed the initial news of the UK tour… which are the other cities? If Glasgow is included — I warn you — I’ll be there.

  4. I see you removed Wool 9 from the status list :)

    Hope you get a Spanish tour when Wool is published here in Spanish. I certainly do not want to meet some of my other favorite writers (Tolkien & Asimov), not yet at least, but it will be great to meet you in person! :D

    1. I just re-named it to DUST! :)

  5. I can’t wait for Third Shift. I’ve been resisting the urge to ask spoilery questions that will most likely be addressed in it (like, what happened to the “shut down” mechanism in 17?).

    I am curious though, given the epilogue to Second Shift, are we going to see much of Donald in Third Shift?

  6. Good luck with all the busy!

  7. WHAT HAPPENED TO ‘WOOL 9’??? You’re killing me Hugh!

    1. “Dust” = Wool 9

      1. OK then, sorry for all the horrible ways I considered torturing you, Hugh. Please, carry on.

    2. It’s been renamed “DUST”

    1. Ah! Yes. I FB and Tweeted that. Should get a page up with awards and reviews.

  8. Hugh, when you get back from the UK you will really appreciate the Fla sunshine a lot more. :-)

    Good luck and stay safe. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to ya till you before you finish……

  9. Hoping on another Omnibus for the next 3 since I would love to read them all together. Been patiently (PATIENTLY) waiting……really loved these books, more please! Thank you for gifting us with your wonderful imagination!

    1. I’ll have them collected within a week or so of Third Shift going up.

  10. Hi, Hugh,
    I had ordered all the books in your WOOL series a while back. This morning, I decided to begin reading the first book in the series over my morning cup of coffee, just to see what the book was about. Well, I ended up holding my coffee cup in my hand without sipping much, telling myself I’ll take a sip after the next page…no, the next page after that…no, after I know what happens after the following page. I managed to drink that first cup of coffee and another, but I didn’t get up from my chair to do anything else until I had finished reading all of WOOL. Wow, what a brilliantly written page-turner! It reminded me of George Orwell’s NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, except better written. Looking forward to reading all the other WOOL books. Congratulations on your success…It’s definitely well-deserved!

  11. Where in the UK and Ireland are you heading to? The calendar doesn’t seem very specific about locations.

    1. I’ll update it when I know. So far it’s London, Dublin, and North Wales (for The Weekender).

  12. If it is not already on your site somewhere, or when you have the time, could you list all of the Silo series. Giving full title, place in series and the order in which they should be consumed. Would be most useful to those who are familiar with the series and those who have just stumbled upon it.

  13. Following the recommendation in the Sydney Morning Herald I read Wool – my story is a bit like the reader with the cup of coffee. Absolutely loved it and read it very quickly wanting to know how Jules was faring, the only downside to reading quickly is that it finishes too soon!! Looking forward to the next instalment. Thank you

  14. Hey Hugh, Wool is a recent discovery for me, which I devoured in a very short time. Since then, I have read Shift 1 and Shift 2 on kindle. Couldn’t wait for them to be release in book form with Shift 3! I read in the Sydney Morning Herald interview that you were coming to Australia in April. Are you visiting Brisbane in that visit? Would love to come to one of your meet-ups if you do make it to Brisbane.

    1. I think Brisbane IS on the tour, yes! I would love to see you at one of the events!

  15. Gregory Gerhardt Avatar
    Gregory Gerhardt

    Are you coming to Germany? I live in the Mannheim area. Would love to meet you!

    1. I’ll be in Berlin for a few days in Late February!

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