The Hardback Giveaway

The entries for the hardback giveaway have been entered into a spreadsheet (thanks, Paul), which means the contest is now closed. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the number of you willing to do so much for a free book. I expected a few dozen entries. I got a couple hundred. And many of you went to the limits, doing all 10 items from the help-an-author list. Those efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope it helped form some quick habits, and that you’ll spread the love with other books you’ve enjoyed. It means a ton to we writers to have you involved in the success of our works.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday), I’ll do a live drawing from the 1,031 entries. We’ll announce the 4(!) hardback winners, figure out how to get shipping addresses from the lucky sots, and I’ll show you the consolation prizes that 5 others will receive for being so awesome. These consolation prizes are nearly as badass as the hardbacks, and they haven’t been revealed anywhere else, so you’ll see them here first.

Stay tuned!

4 responses to “The Hardback Giveaway”

  1. Hugh,
    How would one go about watching the live results? Youtube…skype…streaming on this website??

  2. Ser Antthony Cross Avatar
    Ser Antthony Cross

    :B I am so excited! And now these consolation prizes have me even more pumped. Maybe I’ll try to watch on my phone during my class. Who needs to pay attention…right…right :[

  3. I don’t read half of the authors half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of them half as well as they deserve.

    –Biblio Baggins

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