The Mother of All Book-Signings

I’m supposed to have physical copies of DUST (both Ugly and Sublime) on Wednesday, August 7th. Later that evening, I’ll be signing books and packing them up for shipping out to you all. Assisting me in this endeavor will be my mother and editor, Gay.

My mom used to own a yarn shop in Charleston (she recently closed the shop). In addition to wool (heh), she also carried my books. I arrived here in West Jefferson this past weekend with the remaining stock of her books. It includes quite a few of the original MOLLY FYDE books with the covers I made (the ones that feature Amber’s hands and feet). And even a dozen or so of the NorLights Press editions that have both Amber and myself on the cover (embarrassing!)

There are some of the individual WOOL books here as well, a few of #1, and a handful of the others. Some HURRICANE and PLAGIARIST. The new HALF WAY HOME covers (with a matte finish; they’re badass), and the new SHIFT. You can see it all in the picture.

What I’m working on is a way to sell this pile of books while we’re packing up copies of DUST. The entire unboxing and signing process will be live-streamed on YouTube via Google Hangouts. You’ll be able to chat with us, ask questions, request a doodle in your book, and hopefully pick up one of these surplus babies if you want. It’s a bookstore signing coming to every living room on planet Earth (which means: the six living rooms who will actually care about any of this).

But my mom will be there, so I’m calling it The Mother of All Book Signings. Probably doing this from 6:00 PM EST to 10:oo PM, so that you cats can get home from work and those on the Left Coast can join in. See you there!

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  1. I discovered your work right when you switched Molly Fyde covers, and would love to have the early editions. How will you sell them/make them available? Bidding war? Trivia contest?

    1. I don’t think I’ll sell out of the Molly Fyde books. Most people already have them. And I’ve done these signings in the past, and you get 20-30 people tuning in. What I’ll probably do is have a product page set up and just have it go live as the signing begins. When I’m sold out, I’m sold out.

      1. Will you post links here closer to the time. It’d be great to get a few extra books thrown into the mail with dust

  2. Id love to get my hands on one of the Molly Fyde… because of my situation (lost my home) when I found Wool and Molly Fyde, I bought everything as kindle books, easily carried. Now? I need to start collecting all of your books!!

  3. Will there be any yarn?

    1. Oh my gosh! Please say there will be yarn! Dusty brown ugly yarn! Sigh. ;)

      1. Yarn to buy with the books?
        I’m in

  4. I was hoping you would do something like this, I need Half Way Home to complete my collection of Hugh Howey Books.

  5. By any chance will there be paperback copies of I, Zombie available?

    1. I have 4 copies here. No red ink to splatter them with, though!

  6. Just LOOK at all those poor trees. ;-) Congrats o7

  7. How can I get a signed copy of Shift?

    1. I’ll have some during this signing and more available around Thanksgiving.

  8. Greetings from the UK, as a recent convert to the Silo saga is there any chance of getting signed harback((case bound) copies of all three ???.
    And if so including slow freight to the UK the financial damage would be???



    1. There were only 500 of each of those hardbacks made with the slipcase. They were offered from Goldsboro books, and I think they are sold out. You’d have to round them up and ship them to me and have me ship them back. The shipping would likely be $100 or so each way. :(

      I would just go for the regular hardbacks that are floating around the UK and save them for when I come there in 2014 and have me sign them in person!

      1. The final part sold out from Goldsboro earlier this week. (thankfully i’d ordered long before that) The standard hardbacks are pretty cool anyway though and will look great in a collection. Or do what I’m doing and build up a set of the Ugly paperbacks.

  9. I read my Kindle version of “I, Zombie” last week.
    What an awesomely disgusting and disturbing book…
    Loved it!

  10. Will there be hardback copies of Shift and Dust available to go with my Wool hard copy?

    1. Only in the UK. The only US publishing offer wanted all the ebook rights (even to WOOL).

  11. Actually, any Wool hardbacks? I’d love to have a signed copy since you haven’t made it to Arizona yet for a book signing. ;)

    1. Sadly, no. Just paperbacks. :(

  12. I have a feeling your estimation about the viewership of this stream will turn out to be as accurate as your original estimation of WOOL readership.

  13. Hugh, I forwarded you the July DreamHost newsletter which (if you didn’t already know) contains some Wool fan-fic! I’ll post here if anyone wants, kind of funny/appropriate.

  14. We’ll see you on August 8, 10 am at the Watauga County Public Library in Boone. I hope you’ll have copies of Dust then.

  15. Hi Hugh,
    Will there be any copies of the ‘ugly’ wool available?

    1. There should be. I have enough coming to handle all orders placed up to today, with 30 extra of each version of DUST, and another 60 of each that may arrive in time for the signing.

      1. I only say this to hopefully help prevent potential dissapointment/heartbreak. The OP (stephen) asked if there are any copies of ugly Wool available. Unless Hugh is planning a massive “gotcha”, I don’t believe there will be any copies available. I do believe that Hugh was referring to copies of ugly Dust.

        If I am wrong and Hugh does have copies of ugly Wool available, I fear the Internet may break on August 7th ;)

        1. That’s right. Did I say Wool somewhere? I meant Dust.

  16. Trying to order copies of Wool and Shift, along with Dust, but the “buy now” doesn’t work. Should I order here and send payment for 3 books by PayPal?

    1. I can’t sell signed copies of WOOL through my site anymore. S&S owns the print rights, and I can’t get them wholesale. I turned the other books off to handle the crush of DUST orders. I’ll get them back up soon. There may be some available during the live signing.

  17. Finally read Will couldn’t put it down This was truly a great book, I am now a true fan and can’t wait to start the next book. I was so lucky to meet you and Bella and learn about your books. Will be part of the book signing can’t wait. When a book series gets you so envoled that you forget you are reading and become part of the world you have truly met a great writer. THANK YOU HUGH

  18. Hi Hugh!

    Is there any way I can get a signed copy of Wool (I see them in the picture) and how may I pay for it during the signing? I’m writing from Mexico …


    1. Hey Elsa,

      I should have copies of the red Omnibus during the signing. Most people here in the States can get them from Amazon, so I’ll try to make sure there’s one set aside for you.

      I’m also going to offer these on my website in late November.

      1. Thanks Hugh! I’ll be sure to join the “The Mother of All Book-Signings” to get further instructions! I do have a verified paypal account if it works best for you. Thanks again!

  19. Can’t wait for this! How can we get our hands on something on that table if we’ve already ordered Ugly Dust? Do we just ask you during the live signing session? Would love an original Wool set!

  20. Kathy Czarnecki Avatar
    Kathy Czarnecki

    I sent you a FB message hoping to see you at Comic Con. Is it to late to get a signed copy of Dust? What is the cost and how do I Place the order?

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