The Shell Collector on Audible

The Shell Collector is now up for pre-order on Audible!

Really excited about the voice acting for this novel. Samara Naeymi absolutely nails Maya Walsh. Give the sample a listen if you like.

And here’s the SoundCloud link as well.

In related news, my short story Glitch was given the audiobook treatment. It’s dynamite, if you ask me. Check it out on SoundCloud. And check out this blog review of the audio edition of Glitch here.

3 responses to “The Shell Collector on Audible”

  1. Ooh, Glitch was the best kind of scifi short story–the kind I wanted to be about five times its own length.

    I think I’ll grab the audiobook, because why wouldn’t I want to experience the story again? :)

  2. Are you back on dry land Hugh?

  3. Actually, if you hold the paperback of “The Shell Collector” up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. Does that make it “Audible”? :-)

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