The Stamp of Awesomeness

Stamp2Or so Amber has dubbed it. We’re two weeks away from closing down orders. Every item will get one of these stamps, as well as my signature, and Amber’s DNA from the shipping and handling. Pretty exciting.

Click here to grab one of the last 100 or so items available.

Or watch the videos below to find out what in the world is going on here.

This will be my last official book signing for quite a while. Unless you have tickets for San Diego Comic Con. You do have tickets for Comic Con, right?

14 responses to “The Stamp of Awesomeness”

  1. Is the spelling/wording intentional?

    ‘The Best Pot Luck Book Signing ‘n’ The Universe’ Not ‘in’?

    Just askin’, man.. no snark intended.



    1. No room for it all, I guess. Was in the design, but the manufacturer snipped it. :)

  2. Even if I could go to SDCC, the dang press registrar still hasn’t renewed my press application. They’ll probably approve it when hotels cost first-born children and right arms. :(

  3. Bought one more. I can’t remember which one of you bet what, but hopefully that edges you closer to selling out. :D

    1. Stop it! I don’t want to lose! ;)

      1. Hahaha, I guess that makes me Team Amber!

  4. You’re one cool cat, Hugh. ;)
    …and so deserving of your success.

    It’s wonderful to see good people get good things.
    …and give good things! Heh-heh.

    I love The Stamp of Awesomeness! :D Too, too fun!!!




  5. Love the stamp! Can’t wait to see what I get from this!

  6. Have you seen Primer? This is what I thought of when I saw the video of you going into the storage unit. Was anticipating time travel. :)

    1. Second best time travel movie ever made! Seen it three or four times. Took a second viewing to really appreciate the genius of it. Then found out it was pretty much made by one guy. (Wrote, directed, starred in it.)

  7. Did I miss the boat (catamaran)?! In your previous post I thought you said this was going until May 20th regardless and that you would order and sign new Wool books if you ran out of the original offerings. When I try to order a pop-up window appears reading “This product is not available anymore.”

    1. Hey Ben,

      It was moved to the 15th, because of the complexity of managing the orders prior to shipping. I was going to order WOOL and other books if we ran out of inventory, but we had enough. Sorry about the confusion. :(

  8. Hey Hugh, did you end up selling everything?

  9. I seriously had a dream about my box arriving. :) Of course I woke up before I could open it. lol

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