3 . . . “There it is!”

I was scouting where I need to be tomorrow for my book signing, as my panel is a few blocks away, and I stumbled on the SXSW bookstore. I’m scanning for WOOL, and right as I spot it on the store shelf, I hear someone in the crowd say: “There it is. There’s the book.”

It could have been any book. Every single book on the shelf was written by someone here at SXSW. They all have buzz around them. But my heart leapt up into my throat as I wondered, maybe, could they be talking about WOOL?

Two customers slide through the jam of people standing in front of the shelf. A hand reaches out. I’ve got goosebumps. They grab WOOL.

“This is it,” she says excitedly. They are studying the cover.

“Uh . . .” I quietly say. “I sorta . . . wrote that.”

The two ladies laugh. And then they realize I’m not joking. It turns out one of them, Lauren, has just read the book and loved it. We chat for a bit and take pictures. Again, my day is made (while some reader thinks it’s theirs that is made).

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  1. An exciting day for everybody!

  2. I can only imagine what it is like. Humbling at best. Like going outside and not dying. Good luck with your busy week.

    The wife and I hope to have that lunch with you when you are home for more than a couple of days.


  3. Your comment about meeting readers resonated with me. Some readers are fascinated to discover that we are in awe with the idea that they love our work, while they are awed meeting us. Its refreshing to see indepth dislosure on how some authors are impacted.

    I tweeted your WSJ article after discovering it on today’s front page. Congratulations on the success of your series!

  4. LOL that is so funny! You should go stalk your books all the time so that eventually you’re known as “that author that sneaks up on you while you buy his book”.

  5. And in 2053, when her grandson is being assigned the first WOOL short story in high school, he’ll raise a hand and say, “My grandma met him, like, the day that book came out.” And the other kids in class will say, “You’re such a liar! No way that happened.”

  6. That’s awesome. You’re the man Hugh.

  7. Haha great moment. Must have been amazing. I very much hope I can have a moment like that too one day!

  8. It was also a pleasure for me to meet you today Hugh – and to insult you in front of your panel. :-) Thanks for signing the book. You keep writing ’em and I’ll keep reading ’em!


  9. That was me! I think I must have giggled for the next three hours. Thank you. It really was a pleasure to meet you. What really made the experience memorable was how nice you were to me and not arrogant in the least. I bought two books to share with friends and plan on posting about this meeting this week. Good luck…I know it is a big week!

  10. […] and I got a picture with him. All the while I am laughing like a prize idiot. And did I mention, he posted about our meeting on his blog? Yes, I am still […]

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