Time to Give DBW a Second Chance

“What is DBW,” you ask?

Digital Book World is an online news source for digital publishing developments. They also put on an annual conference in New York City. For the past couple of years, they have been the go-to source for all your Amazon-bashing needs. Their coverage has been so stilted, that when I noticed a change this week, I had to reach out to a friend and see if someone had called in sick. Indeed, there has been a change at the helm.

This is a most welcome development. Already, the coverage lacks the one-sidedness that plagued DBW in the past. Instead of tuning in every morning to hear what the Amazon Derangement Syndrome crowd thinks, I’m now watching fair and positive coverage of the digital publishing world. It’s a breath of fresh air.

I point this out because I’m not alone in my assessment. Today, I saw comments on a post at The Digital Reader that starts: “Pretty much anything from DBW can be safely ignored.” A reply from Nate, who runs The Digital Reader goes: “No argument here. I was initially going to be much more snarky when commenting on DBW, but then I toned it down.” Comments like these are rife across the publishing landscape. The previous editor had an agenda, and we should celebrate his departure.

For my own part, I’ve been extremely critical of DBW in the past. They have put together some really awful surveys and have used bizarre methods for making the results show what they want rather than what’s there. (Seriously. Read this blog post to see how laughable these attempts have been.)

My hope is that the change in editors will improve the coverage and get DBW back to disseminating the news rather than editorializing. Let’s give them a chance to prove themselves. No need to judge them by the mess someone else left behind. If you are interested in this industry, you should sign up for their daily digest. If you’ve been missing the last couple of years of digests, congratulations. And congrats to the new editor. Best of luck!

9 responses to “Time to Give DBW a Second Chance”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I’m another person that saw DBW at the top of articles and thought, oh boy, here we go again.

    Getting those guys onto a reasonable course can only be good, even if they only approach the biz from a traditional publishing perspective.

  2. Smart Debut Author Avatar
    Smart Debut Author

    Did DBW finally shitcan that embarassing assclown Jeremy Greenfield?

    Okay, I’ll give them another chance. This industry is hurting for anything resembling objective coverage… we’ll take whatever we can get. :)

  3. I had already added then dropped DBW from my news feed. I’m glad to hear things are changing. Guess I’ll add them again and see what happens.

  4. I noticed a distinct change in some of their posts over the last couple months. There was a definite shift in voice from that of Amazon hater to a somewhat neutral voice. It’s a nice change… so far.

  5. I hope they really do change for the better. I was so excited when I first started out and I came across DBW. Then I had to quickly dismiss them when I realized their articles aren’t useful. It was best to just ignore them. I always thought it was weird that a website that is supposedly established to cater to ebook writers and readers would be so prickly towards its own audience. Here’s to hoping they make a successful turnaround.

  6. I had subscribed, then I dropped. I did see some change, too, and thought I’d resub. Makes sense now that you mention changes at the place. They needed it.

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  8. […] congratulated both the distributor Ingram and Freethy, in the same even-handed tones with which he has also congratulated Digital Book World on a balanced tone he perceives in Rich Bellis’ writings there. We’ve seen this, as well, in his cheers […]

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