Tune in to HuffPost Live Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, Thursday the 20th, I’m going to be on HuffPost Live with an unbelievable lineup of authors. Jasinda Wilder, Darcie Chan, Bella Andre, and I will discuss our self-publishing success.

What’s awesome is that I got to hang out with all three of these amazing writers at BEA. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal, but I even consider them friends. We’ll be discussing the amazing times we are living and writing in these days and hopefully taking questions from live viewers. So please tune in! 9:30 PM EST (6:30 PST).

Here’s the link!

One response to “Tune in to HuffPost Live Tomorrow Night!”

  1. Little in that I wish there had been more. It went by way too fast.

    One author mentioned buying ads on ebook sites as one method of marketing. I had never thought of that. Are there sites you use or recommend? Do you have other tips on getting a novel or short story known?

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