Two videos too boring for even my mother to watch

Here’s a snippet of my talk yesterday at the Friends of the Library annual event in Monroe, N.C.:

And me opening the proof copies of WOOL 5 live on uStream.

Tomorrow at 9:00 EST / 6:00 PST, I’ll be opening the WOOL OMNIBUS live on uStream. Be sure to tune in. I’ll be talking about the thrilling past few months I’ve had with the WOOL series; I’ll take your questions via live chat; and I’ll update you with the current interest in WOOL for film and television. It should be just about the most boring thing you’ve ever done in your entire life. And won’t it be good to get that out of the way?

2 responses to “Two videos too boring for even my mother to watch”

  1. Do you know how much a hard copy of the Omnibus will cost? I have them all on my kindle, but would love to lend them out to kindle-less friends. Although I suppose I should make them all buy one themselves. =)

    1. The cover price is going to be $19.95, but I’m hoping to lower that even further on my website. It was right at the minimum possible on Createspace (it means I make 11 cents for copies sold in physical bookstores or libraries). I think the printing cost will allow me to sell copies for twenty bucks and have that include the shipping, the envelope, and the time and effort required to put it all together. Purchased individually, the books would run between thirty and forty dollars, so I hope readers will find it a fair deal. If I remember correctly, the omnibus is around 540 pages!

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