Two weeks! 0_0

Two weeks to go before a final, readable draft of DUST. Well, I hope. Otherwise, I’m going to spend my two weeks of vacation writing. Which I won’t mind, but the missus might.

It feels nearly impossible for it all to come together, but then every draft does at this stage of the game. I wish there was some way to time-lapse what follows. Disjointed scenes become jointed. Missing chapters get written. The final act takes shape. The very last scene is edited over and over. And then four or five full passes through material that’s already had a few of them.

It always appears like it won’t happen, won’t become a book, and then it does in so swift a manner as to make your head spin. I suppose it’s like making sausage, though. If any of you saw the butchering, you might lose your appetite.

5 responses to “Two weeks! 0_0”

  1. Hugh, that’s great…I just signed up for the newsletter so I can get updates on your releases.
    Do you think you could also add a Follow button so blog posts can get delivered to our email? It just makes it easier to keep updated than to remember to go to the site.

    Good luck with the draft! We can’t wait :)

  2. I love the way a book comes together! It reminds me of theater… I’ve been in shows where, up to the last week, you feel as though people barely know their lines, and the musical numbers are dreadful, and the costumes are not ready, and the set isn’t painted, and… then there’s the final dress rehearsal where you manage to push through to the end, but barely. But on opening night, it is miraculously wonderful!

    So many of us are eager for DUST, and to find out exactly what happens to all those characters we’ve come to love (or hate). Thanks for being 99% done!

    Can’t wait.

  3. Looking forward to Dust. Hurry up! ;)

  4. 1046 words to go. Make it exact!

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