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Unboxing: The End is Now!

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Awesome, can’t wait to get a copy of the book!


I have an idea for a video or blog post I think would be hugely popular:

Just a quick story from you about getting through some of the darkest moments in your own life.

It could be battling depression, or a time you threw away manuscripts/drafts, or even felt foolish for continuing to push forward…

It’s just a guess, but I’m thinking a post like that would spread like wildfire. Thanks for humoring the idea!

I completely understand the worry about the reception. I’m sure it’s a difficult to weigh the pro’s/con’s between trying to be helpful vs. unintended consequences.

Maybe there is a way to test a small or proverbial story or something like that? I dunno.

But either way, I’ve learned a ton in the few months I’ve read your work and listened to interviews you’ve done. Thanks for taking the time to pass along wisdom from the trenches.

Thanks Hugh-I can’t wait to get my hands on this physical book! It looks great.

It was fun to hear you talk about how much you enjoy editing-I’m discovering that too. I try to be disciplined and write, but I have more fun editing what someone else has written. I had to put down The End Is Now in order to hit an editing deadline..but I’m getting right back to it when I’m done. These stories blow me away!

I guess I missed this. I’ll have to go buy it and check it out. I love how much Shorts and Anthologies have been revitalized by the self publishing/independent press boom. Was this an open submission anthology or was it by invitation only?

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