What Twitter has taught me about…

…writing: Proofread closely before you submit. You can’t take it back.

…reading: There just isn’t enough time for all the wonderful talent out there.

…friends: Some give freely of themselves. Most are selling something.


…myself: I may be unique, but I’m not all that different.

…blogging: Every now and then, someone reads this stuff. So make it work their while.

…finances: You can make $3,000 a day by being obnoxious.

…authors: The appreciation of our good fortune bands us together like family, not competitors.

…readers: They’re out there and they’re hungry. We need to feed them choice cuts.

…Twitter: The Internet is a finer joint to meet strangers in than any smoky bar.

…life: It’s not the length that matters. It’s the worth.

2 responses to “What Twitter has taught me about…”

  1. awesome post. definitely agree with the idea that you can meet a better sort of person online than in some bar somewhere!

  2. I was in Puerto Rico when this posted and I missed it. What a gem! I love all of these…

    especially given that other than you finding me and pointing me towards the realization of my dream, I can’t for the life of me find a good use for Twitter.

    I think you are wise beyond your years. Or just optimistic.

    Maybe a bit of both. :)

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