Where to find me this week

I’m off to New York for Book Expo America tomorrow. If you want to find me, I’ll be:

Giving a talk on Wednesday at 1PM on the subject of “Discoverability.”

Signing books at booth #966 on Thursday at 1:00 with five other indie bestsellers (This booth will be our home base throughout BEA).

Hosting a live Shindig talk at 2:45 on Thursday.

Participating in a KDP Roundtable at 2:00 on Friday.

Participating in a Shindig Group Chat at 3:00 on Saturday.

Signing books from 5-7 at the W Hotel Times Square on Saturday with an awesome lineup of fellow writers.

And after the book signing at the W Hotel, we are joining up with several authors and their fans for a super Meet-Up at a nearby bar, which will go until you all get sick of us. Best place to meet is at the W toward the end of the signing.

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  2. See you Saturday! :)

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFB_North_Bay
    wasn’t sure were to post but this looks like a good spot. : )
    i’m thinking this would be the location for Wool the movie. The colony just wrapped up using this location… but wool and shift is muuuuccchhhh better story/read.


    keep writing : )

  4. Rebecca Marvel Avatar
    Rebecca Marvel

    The Penultimate Truth ???

  5. UUuuuuugh! It’s soooo frustrating – to live like 8 000 km from New York now…

  6. Irene Hoskins Avatar

    I LOVE your books. I am just finishing Third Shift and Blood of Billions. I am starting in the audio book reading world. I have done some voice work before but mostly small 250word jobbers. I would love to put your books to audio! I have been looking on ACX to see if you have audtions up for it. (I would be happy to do it on Spec.) Any information on who you do audio books through or how I might audtion would be AMAZING!

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