WOOL Comes to Life

Why wait for the WOOL film to get made when you can go live it?

Only costs $1.5 million dollars for a ticket. Comes with wallscreens (seriously), farms, and pumps to keep it all dry. Check out the WSJ article for more details.

I’m thinking every bedside table in this joint needs a free copy of WOOL.

Also: It’s obvious to me that Jules is the sheriff of this puppy. Check out where she moved Mechanical. :)

Silo Layout

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe this is just now making headlines. They’ve kept its construction a secret all this time?!

  2. You can buy a barebones one here: http://www.missilebases.com/ Put it up on Kickstarter and viola, you too and a few dozen others can build your own piece of heaven under the ground!

  3. Reminds me also of the Vaults in the Fallout games. ;-)

  4. I have always been fascinated…a little obsessed actually…with underground survival and these big facilities. That’s what drew me to WOOL in the first place.

    But, I’m not sure that the people investing in these subterrainian condos are taking this seriously enough…or that the commercial bunkers are being built well enough.


  5. That would be “Security” as in IT, eh?

  6. If they had these in Australia, I would be living in one now. I love the unusual, not freaky / horror but just not plane vanilla as per the suburbs.

  7. Fail.

    It’s all very good that they provide 5 years of freeze-dried foods (because you ain’t feeding a whole lot of people from the square footage of a control center), but without five years worth of fuel storage, your Silo is going to get very cold, dark, and flooded, very quickly. (And living off of freeze-dried food simply soaked in cold water is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.)

    1. Not to mention what appear to be a number of single-point failures in this design.

    2. And, of course, there is the whole issue of sewage treatment I don’t see addressed in the graphic. If the power fails, that also is going make life . . . unpleasant.

  8. Hmmm . . . going by that graphic alone, there appear to be some design flaws here from the security POV.

    And what do they mean by “full arrest authority”? From whom does this authority come? Does this thing include a brig?

    Maybe I’m missing the point here . . .

  9. When I read this article this morning the first thing I thought of was “Wool”. This is why I love Science-Fiction.

  10. To write the Silo 49 series, I went to visit two facilities. One was spectacular (but also still in use) and the other was scary, scary. This is one I would like to get a peek at!

    You should ask them if they’d like to purchase some copies of WOOL. Just to see what happens. :) Or at the very least photoshop a copy on the bedside table of any and all promo pictures of the bedrooms. And desks in offices, etc.

  11. Sign me up! Can you get a “education like loan”, get frozen, and then live a couple of hundred extra years while doing my “shifts”?

  12. Wait, they have elevators?

    Someone didn’t get the memo…

  13. Like Gary, these real-life silos are what made Wool a must read for me, and boy I was not disappointed. I agree about the food problem and waste disposal, but then just bury the dead bodies in the gardens, right? ;) Remember that the design flaws are there on purpose – just ask Silo 1.

    Hugh, you totally have to get some sort of sponsorship deal here :)

  14. Kind of pricey for signing over your life to these folks with their “full arrest authority”, all things considered. Maybe this is where publishing execs are taking their business as their authority over that industry collapses?

  15. Wow! Just…wow! I agree that each suite needs a complementary copy of Wool from the silo management. ;)

  16. Wow! I agree with you – every bedside table in that place definitely needs a copy of WOOL!

  17. Hugh, I’m excited about the future. I believe that underground homes will be a reality but only as a solution to urban housing development – sprawling underground cities with parks!

    And of course, I’ll be reading one of the classics, Wool, on my Amazon kindle that uses an external and unattached power and storage source (Amazon actually obtained a patent for this), which was made possible through wireless fusion energy.

  18. What happens when the wind mill gets destroyed outside of the silo?

  19. Do you pay ‘in case’ you need it, or can you actually live there? Not much different from the price of a condo in the city, hmmmmmm.

  20. These old silos are much smaller than the Wool silos. But, I’ve often thought that a full size, multi-story, above ground concrete mock-up of the Wool silo would not only serve as an awesome film set for the movie, but would serve wonderfully for the AMC Wool series (yet to be pitched and green-lit.). Howey should Kickstarter it. If he owns the set, he can get the ball rolling a bit faster I bet. If building the set doesn’t inspire big budget filmmakers, you just know that indie filmmakers will fall out of their chairs to do it.

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