WOOL in Bookstores!

How cool and crazy is this? A reader posted the above pic on Twitter yesterday. They were in one of the Powell’s locations in Portland. As they entered the Gold Room, they headed toward science fiction and wondered idly if perhaps WOOL would be shelved there. It was a dim hope, right? But there on the featured shelf with the latest releases were brand new copies of the Omnibus!

Pretty crazy. It’s awesome that CreateSpace makes these print-on-demand books available through wholesale outlets so that libraries and bookstores can order copies. It really is a brave new world for publishing. Of course, the bookstore takes the risk that the copies won’t sell (which means they won’t be able to return them for a full refund), but the current return system needs to be modified, anyway. What this really tells me is that the reader is king. If you stir up the demand, the system will find a way to supply you. The power is entirely in your hands.

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  1. Very exciting! This must feel amazing for you!

  2. Way to go Hugh! You’re helping to pave the way in this ‘brave new world’.

  3. This is how an *uprising* begins. :D

  4. William Jacques Avatar

    Powell’s rocks! When I visited about two years ago they have a very cool display of old computers in one of their windows (all the old apples, Atari’s, etc.). Walking through the labyrinth of rooms and levels of that store is a trip. I could get lost in there very easily!

  5. I love that!
    I agree 100% on the return policy.
    In what other industry do the retailers get a guarantee of a sale or they can return the goods for a refund??
    A definitely think this will help pave a new precedent in paperback.

  6. I saw a copy in my local bookstore – I should have sent you a photo. This was in a small library in Oviedo, FL.

    1. Wow. No way! That’s so cool. :)

  7. Very cool.

    Here’s a question for you Hugh, if you see your book for the first time in a bookstore, are you supposed to sign it as a surprise to the reader? I can’t imagine any store would get mad over that.

  8. Hugh, great for you — and to be propped up next to Ian M Banks no less! Excellent company indeed.

  9. Just finished the Wool Omnibus. It was charming, and I think your Q&A at the end was my favorite part. Congrats on your success.

  10. Just finished Wool Omnibus – great story and world building. Looking forward to the next – 6? One question – where are the sheep?

  11. So glad to hear this is at Powell’s. I asked the gold room staff several times to carry WOOL, and am thrilled that they were able to get copies. A lot of people still do their book shopping exclusively in actual book stores, so I’m hoping this step will help get the word out about how amazing Hugh’s writing is!

    1. Thanks for the efforts, Seth!

  12. I walked into my local book store today and there on display was Wool. So Hugh your book has made all the way down to that little island of the bottom of Australia, Tassie :)

    1. NO WAY!!! Did you take any pictures? Maybe of the outside of the store, or something? That’s so cool!

      1. Michael Flanagan Avatar

        I will try and head back into town and take a snap for you :)

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