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Worldly Wool!

Next month, I’ll be heading to Frankfurt for the book fair, where I’ll have the privilege of meeting many of my foreign publishers. We just agreed to a deal in Indonesia yesterday, which put the foreign contracts at 30, and the foreign territories a shade over (counting Australia, New Zealand, and the UK separately). Pretty crazy journey for a novelette that I thought no one would ever read.

While I’m overseas, I’ll also be hopping around a bit for various book launches. France, Spain, Italy, Finland, and the Netherlands are all on the docket. I haven’t been to this many countries on one trip since my parents took me to Epcot Center. To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of the cover art we’ve received from publishers thus far.

Portugal, PRESENCA - O Silo 300
Finland, KARISTO - siilo 300

German 300
Greece, ANUBIS - Wool 300
French 300
Poland, PAPIEROWY KSIEZYC - Silos 300
Israel 300
Italy, RCS LIBRI - Wool 300
Hungary, KONYVMOLYKEPZO - silo volume 1 300
Spain, PLANETA - Espejismo-01 300
Croatia 300

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I really like Croatia’s and Poland’s — of course Germany’s is pretty great, but I think I’d seen that one before. That would be pretty great to have a bookshelf full of different WOOL editions.

I actually liked the Hungarian version, but just my opinion. Many of the others were very interesting too.

Thanks for sharing them. I’d have never stumbled upon them otherwise, and they were very cool to see.

I like the German (and Israeli–what a curious combo) versions. The Polish artwork looks like a Sci-fi cover out of the 1960s, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Is the Italian tagline based on something used in the U.S.? I’m too much of a space shot to remember. “Outside, the air is lethal. Inside, the rules kill.”

I have the German one. Dear lord, it looks like I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for sending this primer, so I can get started.

I like them all, but Portugal, Poland, and Hungary stand out. And Spain’s is beautiful… but all that gorgeous aquamarine water…? Maybe they got confused and did a cover for W.J. Davies’ “The Runner,” by mistake!

How very amazing this must be to know that your words are going around the world.

I have a friend in Amsterdam. I’ll send him to your appearance there…

Congratulations on everything!

Awesome covers! Thank you for sharing them. It’s so fascinating to see how different countries/publishers focus and extract an image from the same book for their respective markets.

While “Wool Omnibus” is still my favorite, I like the German cover best among the above. I’d love to see more from other countries.

Have a great trip!

Love all the covers. You must be thrilled. Funny old world, we all react to different images.

Still, where is the Canadian cover? Not to mention the visit to Canada!


While we’re talking about Wool covers I have a question. Maybe I missed a post somewhere but when S&S did the print deal they took over design of the new covers. How is it you can use them for your own digital versions which you retained rights to? Obviously it makes sense, consistent branding image, marketing, etc…but aren’t the new covers kinda sorta S&S property?

Been wondering how that was worked out.

Heh. The awesome cover art on Wool, Shift, and Dust came from Random House UK! Jason Smith designed them. Random House was kind enough to allow S&S to use them. And they were kind enough to let me use them.

Random House UK has been the bomb. They understand that anything I do that is good for the books is good for them. Having me promote my works with their covers works out great.

I really liked those posters at the One Watertown, One Book event. But I didn’t read them closely. What were they? Do those images appear somewhere else or were they just for the event?

I have read SILO (WOOL) the Greek version!! It is awesome! Possibly the best book I have ever read! All covers are excellent, but the Greek and the Hungarian ones caught my eye!

I am impatiently waiting for the sequels to be translated!! :)

“Random House was kind enough to allow S&S to use them. And they were kind enough to let me use them.”

Wow! Everyone getting along and spreading love in the pub world. Why do I get the feeling that doesn’t happens everyday

Frankfurt… yeah. just 120km from me! If everything is normal i will be there! I will wear the Wool Shirt, the Howey basecap, the Molly-Fyde scarf, the IZombie shoes AND the silo underpants (for the big rocket muahahahaaaa).

Welcome to Germany Hugh!

And yes, also in my opinion the Hungarian cover is the best. Second is the polish, third place Spain and Italy. German cover as usual nearly worst one… Thanks for sharing the pics!

Personally I liked Croatia’s the best.I noticed a lot of them use the title silo rather than wool. Was that your choice Hugh? Or was that all the publishers choice?Cuz I actually think silo is a better title. Tho I bought wool because of the title. I thought it was about a serial killer or something like glad I was way off Cuz I loved book. And damn glad I Gave it chance.

Lovely covers!! My vote is on the german/israeli cover.
Incidentally, why is the number 144 on the israeli cover??

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