Writing vs. Publication

So begins the next phase of my little adventure. We’re on the eve of publication, and I’m as giddy as a schoolchild with a field trip the next day. Speaking of which, when I was in highschool, we had this great trip to Charleston, SC. Well, it was great according to the people that went. I tossed and turned all night, by body electric with anticipation, then worked myself into such a lather on the bus that I threw up in the aisle and had to stay behind.

I’m expecting a repeat performance with my book heading off into the world. If you come to a signing, don’t stand right in front of me.

Well, I say that to be funny, but it’s only partly true. I have these moments, usually when I’m actually reading the book, that I suspect I accidentally crafted something beyond my own ability. Maybe that’s because this has been such a group effort, with multiple stages of editing and inspiration helping form the final work, but I have these glimpses of goodness that make me think people are gonna love reading my story.

I really enjoy those moments.

It’s about the only time I can keep down food.

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