Yes. Please. Give me more.

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  1. Oh, and did you catch Ben Kingsley in Iran Man 3? Dude should win an Academy Award for that performance.

  2. Here’s one case where I may like the movie more than the book. Damn. Maybe I have to reread the thing. I just couldn’t get into it.

    1. Read Ender’s Shadow instead–it is really good and much better than the original EG

  3. Wait. When did Molly Fyde appear over there on the left?!

    1. Saw that too. Wham. 85%. Been looking forward to that!

    2. I was just about to comment on that myself. Quite a sneak attack by Hugh right there! I finally got on board with Molly a few weeks ago and am currently halfway through “Blood of Billions”. Consider me inspired to hurry the hell up!

    3. Same,

      Please please please finish Dust before anything else!!! Can’t wait for it to come out!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this Hugh. Let’s just hope it stays close to the book. One of my favorite novels of all time.

  5. Took this thing long enough to get to the screen. We’ll see how much the old Johnny Carson maxim proves true – the longer the build up, the better the payoff better be.

  6. Re reading EG after WOOL a couple months ago I sensed some similarity of Ender practicing fighting in the confined practice areas and Hugh’s writing of some scenes. Something about the confined environs of each. I sent a note to HH regarding what I truly believe – I think WOOL is just as good.. if not better. Of course, HH mistakenly dismissed my remarks as crazy talk. Damn it, I don’t get any respect around here.

  7. Enders Game was one of the classics that propelled me into science fiction. Just got my daughter the book, I hope she gets into it as much as I did. Can’t wait for the premiere.

  8. I just re-read EG about a month ago, for the 3rd or 4th re-read. As Tanya said above, it was one of the pieces that propelled me into the sci-fi world. I read it with my 15 y.o. daughter, and I think she is now hooked in the sci-fi realm as well. Looking forward to the movie!

  9. I read this when I was a kid. Been waiting for this a long time!

  10. Thomas Cardin Avatar

    I just hope the keep Bean in the movie. And all the scenes of Ender in the virtual reality game.

  11. Never read the book and will not see the movie, the writer/producer’s political activism is despicable

    1. I’m with you there. This was my favorite book growing up, but I’ve had a hard time reconciling my love of the literature with Card’s horrendous social views.

      1. I know that if we didn’t separate the art from the artist we would never be able to enjoy anything again, but as a gay man, it is impossible for me to do that with Card because he is no longer an artist but an activist and any money given to this film will benefit him, beyond impossible for me to do that, I can see how it would be hard for someone to deal with if they loved his work, especially since he claims he will do anything in his power to bring about the downfall of our government if gay marriage is made legal, it’s a very emotional subject for me and I just want people to know what he is about before they give him any of their money, thanks for posting my comment, wasn’t sure if you wanted to go there or not, I appreciate that

        1. Oh, I approve all comments that aren’t spam. And I’m right there with you, man.

          1. I guess while everyone is out seeing EG, I will be at home reading my fabulous Hugh Howey books :) I’ll definitely be getting the better end of that deal

      2. And what are his “horrendous social views”? I must google that, because I did not know. I have been a fan of the Ender and Bean series since the first book game out! Waiting patiently to read the next installment.

  12. Author politics/values aside,
    I have no interest in reading the book because I have never been able to get past the plot description. I’m pretty good at suspending belief (even for really bad stories – does anyone remember a movie titled “Hawk, the Slayer” ? No, didn’t think so.), but this one is just beyond me. Adults are smart enough to breed a child General, but can’t grasp basic military strategy to win a war ? I’m sorry, there are too many other works out there to entertain me.

    That said, I’ll wait to see if the movie trailers capture my interest before I decide whether to see it or not. Harrison Ford peaks my interest. We’ll see.

  13. Mark Oetjens Avatar

    Hugh, you’re really starting to piss me off! You’re making the rest of us look like real amateurs. You have four short stories in progress; you’re making huge strides on Dust; and now the new Molly Fyde? WTF? My 5000 words a week looks pitiful compared to your output. I’d say slow down or take a break, but I can hardly wait for Dust. But you’re still pissing me off. You’re a frigging machine!

    1. Eh, the Molly book was already in progress a year ago. It’s what I abandoned to write more Wool. :)

      1. Hugh, I just re-read my comment and it sounds really harsh. Sorry about that. I was trying to be sarcastic. :) But you’re still a machine!

        1. I read it as intended. I always assume the best about people. Imagine that. :)

  14. I am so excited for this movie I can hardly contain myself! The Ender’s Game series has been one of my favorite reads for YEARS! And I can honestly say I’m pretty excited for the cast they’ve picked. I’m really curious who they got to play Peter though, I always thought he was such a dynamic character and I hope they did it justice in this movie.

    And as far as his political views go? I really don’t care. You can love a person and not love what they do as much as you can love what someone does and not love the person.

  15. On the politcal/social/religious views of OSC: I was blissfully unaware of them until I had read many of his books, most very good. But then I saw that his personal views started contaminating the Alvin Maker series later on. I really enjoyed that series, but could not finish The Crystal City. I’ve read most of his books. The other ones to avoid if you don’t like his politics are Magic Street, The Lost Boys, and Treasure Box. Those are all contaminated. But the large body of the rest of his works are not so affected including the Ender and Shadow series. In my opinion the Shadow series is actually quite a lot better, excellent even. And the Bean character was a wonderful creation in that series. For a taste of Card politics here is a quote during the George W Bush presidency: “our sharpest foreign policy mind is in the White House.” I don’t understand how someone can write such good stories and have politics like that!

    1. i also struggle with OSC. i really enjoy the Ender”s series. Over the years I have read the original trilogy and several of the Shadow series. But I just can’t support a writer whose politics and narrow mindedness make me cringe.

      i will see the movie though, and hope that it’s success makes Hollywood move quickly to make the Wool film.

  16. It would be really interesting to know what you think makes a good dystopian novel/story? What factors are crucial? I think the storytelling of modern day has evolved in to a kind of blend between dystopia, anti-utopia, sci-fi, even postapocalyptic (and more). I think a lot of novels and stories these days have some of those or all of those elements in them. I seem to actually enjoy that kind of blend really well because each these elements add more richness to the story. They also seem to capture more of the reader`s hearts, because of the wide array of different tastes these storyies are able to cater for.
    This comment is probably not at the right place since it doesnt really have to do anything particulary with Ender`s Game. But thinking of the books made me wonder…

  17. Some of you are acting as if OSC is the first person to use their celebrity status as a platform. It happens all the time. However the great thing about this country is we are all free to believe as we see fit. For those of you who don’t like his views and choose not to support him is a testimant to your beliefs and should be respected however OSC is certainly not the first or last celebrity / author who will use that status to push an agenda.

    I remember reading the Enders series as a teenager and loved every book. Can’t wait for the movie.

    1. Most agendas pushed by celebrities are no where near as ridiculously heinous as Card’s, Imagine if a celebrity came out for making interracial marriage illegal again and said things like “if blacks and whites marrying is not made illegal again the government should be overthrown”, how well would that agenda go over with the public? Would you go see a movie written/produced by someone like that?

  18. Wow! Now after reading all the comments about Card, I really do have much to learn about him! Thanks y’all!

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