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  1. Congrats Hugh! That is all such awesome and exciting news! Your writing stands out as the cream of the crop man so believe me you’ve earned it! Enjoy it man!!!

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but anything you can share about the process you are going through working with the director and screenwriter would be very interesting hear about.

  3. So cool! Also… your zip code title gave me a double take! You shot your video in LA, where I used to live, and now I’m in Chicago where my zip code is 60067.

    Congrats on the great UK release!

  4. That was sweet of you to take the time to record that. Such exciting times for you. Just wondering if
    you get to do any reading yourself these days … any suggestions?

  5. The audio wasnt bad for just setting a camera down and recording. I think 90% of the people who try that fail. Good work.

  6. Did I hear that right? Two months until a WOOL hardback release in the US? Then an omnibus edition of Shift! Hardback for that too? That would be awesome! Congrats on all you’ve got going on, sounds like a blast!

  7. Great to see you on video, Hugh – thanks!

  8. SHHHHHHHH! Pact available on Amazon now

  9. OMG!! How exciting for you!! Looks like you’re at the Intercontinental – right down the street from where I work! (and from Fox Studios!!) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You’re in for an even more amazing ride than you’ve been on – my fingers are crossed for you!!!!!!!!

  10. Congrats, Hugh. I’m on my Kindle now ordering PACT.

    Keep dancin’!

  11. Just got my copy of PACT fro kindle, and I was astonished to see two reviews already (five stars both).
    They confess not to have read the book yet (It was unbelievable anyway).
    I’m afraid that that kind of reviews only pervert the value of the review system.
    I’ll make mine when I finish it, which I guess will be pretty soon.

    Thanks, Hugh. You must have been working really hard to polish those details you mentioned.

    1. I can’t seem to buy Pact. I’ve either gone mad or its not on sale any more.

      1. What territory are you in? I don’t have rights to the book everywhere.

        1. I’m in the UK. It says Not currently available on both amazon.co.uk and .com

    2. Yup. I found those reviews upsetting. I hope they are updated with actual reviews or deleted.

      I understand the enthusiasm, but reviews like that make me cringe. I’ve worked hard to get reviews the right way. I don’t want reviews like this. :(

  12. I was going to spend this rainy weekend writing. Now I’ll be reading. Thanks Hugh.

  13. Wow, Hugh. I just finished the Wool Omnibus. Wonderful editing, well-crafted characters, and a postapocalyptic story for the ages. Wonderful.

  14. Hey, I can see my house from here — not kidding!! Good luck with the movie deal. Wool will make an amazing film. I just finished it and had to order all the Shift books, because I couldn’t stand to see the story end. Can’t wait for the flash/dance mob — what a great idea!

  15. Just a day before coming to your site for the first time I was wondering to myself what the chances were of Wool becoming a movie. The next day I read this blog post! So excited for you man!

    Anything you can tell us about the length of the movie(s)? Are the planning one movie to cover all five books? Any chance they’d go for a trilogy? 1+2, 3+4, 5 would be AMAZING. If they’re going to cram everything into one I hope we’re talking about a good ol’ fashioned 2.5 hour sci-fi epic and not a 90-minute quicky that just scratches the surface. Unless we did the whole first book in 90 minutes, that’d be great. Turn it into a pentology. :)

    One more request: any chance you’ve got someone working on art from the books? I’m dying to see what the silo actually looks like inside. I can’t even begin to imagine something 1.5x the height of a the World Trade Center but under ground. Or will we be getting the goods in the upcoming comic? :)

    Thanks for this universe, it’s some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read. Going through Third Shift now and already waiting for Dust.

    1. One movie to cover the five books. It’ll be Juliette’s story, and there’s a lot of fluff in the book, so I know we can do the story justice. In fact, this will be one of those rare films that’s better than the book. Just you watch.

      1. Anyone talking about a potential release date yet? 2014 maybe?

        1. That would be super-fast. I’d be shocked.

  16. Hello. Trying to get the nook version of Yhird Shift to no avail. Any news on when BN will carry it? I’m in NJ if it matters. Thanks so much.

    1. It’s uploaded. They’re just not that fast at making the books available. :(

      1. Thanks Hugh… can’t wait to read it.

  17. Casting suggestion: Jennifer Lawrence as Juliette!

    1. Oooh, yeah. And Romola Garai as Allison/Lukas’ mom, should either of them show up. :D

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