A Delay on Third Shift

4 out of 5 beta readers can’t be wrong, can they?

Well, maybe. Feedback from one of my beta readers has highlighted room for improvement. This is plot-level work, not grammar and typo stuff, which means getting up tomorrow morning and hammering away at major sections of the book. The release date, tentatively set for the end of January, may get moved back a week or so. All of this comes while I’m on the road for movie-related stuff, so bear with me. I really want this series to wrap up satisfactorily for all. I hope you agree!

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  1. Take a month, or take two. Ignore the news and twitter. Just do a good job and forget about the fans. You’re not George R. R. Martin, we’re not talking about a five year wait here. :)

    1. +1 to Chris comment.

      After all, you may have that problem about the way you play with Donald/Troy identity in First Shift, since that will not work in a movie. But as you said, the fact that you have that problem is itself a wonderful thing :)

  2. Do you know that classic Harry Nilsson album from the 70s? A Little Schmillson in the Night. It opens with a great quote: ‘Take all the time you need. And not a second more’.

  3. Absolutely agree. Don’t let yourself be rushed, daring to go back and change major stuff for the benefit of the story is a great quality in a writer imo.

    Ultimately, what’s another month of delay vs potentially a lifetime of knowing how you could’ve done something a lot better?

    Good luck!

  4. Publish not until you are entirely happy with the book. If you aren’t happy with it, your readers won’t be happy either. Take all the time you need. We’re not going anywhere.

    Aren’t you glad you have awesome betas?

    1. I disagree a bit. If you compare a work as originally released and as re-released a bit later after the author has polished it to within an inch of its life (Star Wars is an excellent example, but there are plenty of others) you often find that the artist polished it so much that he polished all the life and spontaneity out of it, and it turned into a steaming turd. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!

  5. I love that about Indie publishing – YOU are in control of your product. And while I can’t wait, I will wait, because I want your best, Hugh. :)

  6. Do what you need to do – we’ll wait……..impatiently, but we’ll wait……

  7. If you’re in Charlotte, holler….the stove’s hot.

  8. Dog gone it, Hugh! I don’t understand your lack of putting out your product in a timely manner!

    You’ve only published three top-quality novels and a Kindle Single in the past 12 months, negotiated movie rights, found an international publisher, along with moving to a new state.

    Sheeesh…what a slacker! ;-)

  9. As much as I can’t wait to read it, do whatever you need to do. And thanks for letting us know!

  10. Totally disappointed (just came on your site for release news), but happy you are still working on it, even if it is delayed :)

  11. While I’m disappointed to have to wait longer (for the most selfish of reasons) I can appreciate quality control in all its forms. It only proves how great of a writer you are that you can take criticism of your art and use it to churn out the best product possible. I’m sure I speak for most of your readers when I say that I can hold on to the edge of my seat for a little while longer… but only a little while.

  12. And we woke up today to discover the world did not end…. :) When it’s ready to publish, we’ll be rubbing our hands together as we drool!

  13. You take as much time as you need Hugh.

    I have a feeling this will be the best entry yet… no pressure ;)

  14. Agree – take your time. More importantly, how can I become a beta reader?

  15. williamjacques@gmail.com Avatar

    WTF… I hate it when I suspect this self-imposed pressure stuff is screwing with our creative brain and craftsmanship. Your stuff takes time to write because the quality is excellent when you concentrate. As an avid fan I get a distinct stomach churning vibe when you are rushing things and it really pisses me off. Slow down and make your work your “passion”.. not your “obligation”. Please.. you owe it to yourself.

  16. Movie related stuff?! Did I miss something?!!? Please, pretty please enlighten me. :D

  17. A little bummed about the wait, but if it makes the story better, I can do it. Very excited about the next installment…

  18. What! Are you crazy? You can’t delay one day!

    That’s what you get for leaving the sunshine state for a while. :)

    Good wine takes time.

  19. WTF is a beta reader? How many beta readers are there? Did you have beta readers for all your other Silo books?

    1. Beta readers get early versions of the book and are asked for their opinions and any typos they might find. I use a dozen or so for each book.

      1. OK, thanks for the answer. I was thinking you may have gotten all fancy pants on us. But, if you’re keeping the process the same, I won’t complain. But I would like to apply for a beta reader job. :)

        I’m SO excited to read 3rd Shift. I’m in the middle of the Molly Fyde series right now, but I’m anxious to leave outer space and return to the silos. Thanks for all your great works!!

  20. Please take all the time you need. You’re one of the better authors and you must stay true to your art.

  21. No worries, Hugh; I’m still working my way through Wool: Omnibus, so it’ll be a while before I get to Third Shift!

    I also wanted to stop by and say, as a newbie Indie Writer, your story is an inspiration. I can only hope that I can work as hard as you do and write stories that folks find enjoyable. Thank you for your wonderful stories; your success reflects well on and raises the profile of the entire Indie industry. Best wishes on continued success!

  22. Take your time and do it right, Hugh.
    Waiting is fun!

  23. Michelle Hagans Avatar


    My Woolie friends and I are soooooooo excited. Thanks, Hugh!!! *turns everything but the Kindle off and reads*

  24. Your wool series has been such a delight to read. It pains me that 3rd shift is the conclusion of this great series:'( Please take the time you need to conclude it properly, your fans are not going anywhere! You are one of my most favorite authors. The only book of yours left to read is I zombie. I’m not a zombie fan, but I’m going to give it a shot because all of your other stories have been so fricken great. Plus it will pass the time until 3rd shift is released.

  25. i really liked the “third shift – pact”.

    i do have to say one grammer thing struck me, i wouldn’t even have caught if not for the whole gun control debate. i noticed clip was used instead of magazine when the legacy article gun was referenced talking about bullets and loading a weapon. come to think of it, not sure if gun would be an acceptable term.

    i eagerly await your next publication. thank you.

  26. … and just 4 days later, the book is for sale on Amazon? Wow. Or did I just buy the unfinished work?

    1. Nope. I locked myself in my hotel room for two days and got through the last edit. I was just spazzing out for a little bit there.

      1. Amazing. Your efficiency is remarkable and a guiding light for all of us aspiring writers.

      2. Gregory Gerhardt Avatar
        Gregory Gerhardt

        You didn’t even announce it from what I can see. I was reading through comments on another post and someone said they bought Third Shift which led me to search Amazon. How does that not deserve its own blog post? hehe.

  27. Hi, I tried buying Wool8 but Amazon says its not intended for my region? Geesh, the suspense is killing me…

  28. Any idea when Third Shift is released on Amazon in the UK? It’s not showing as available yet although the hard copy of the Trilogy is.

    1. I’m being told the middle of February.

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