A Google Hangout Extravaganza

I’m hoping this takes place on Thursday, the 9th of January, around 7PM EST. It all depends on whether or not the USB Thumb Drives arrive in time. If they don’t get here until Friday, I’ll do it then.

What am I doing? A Google Hangout that you don’t want to miss. I’ll be packing up the USB drives, unboxing parts 3, 4, and 5 of SAND, and maybe even giving you a sneak peek at some of the artwork going into SAND and the WOOL comic. There’s also going to be a special gift going inside each of the USB drive orders to make up for the long delay in fulfilling these (I’ll also talk about what caused that delay. It’s a sad story).

A lot going on. Hopefully someone shows up so I don’t feel pathetic and lonely. Ask questions. Join in. See you tomorrow night (hopefully).

Also: The pre-order link for signed print editions of SAND just went live. These might ship out after I get back from Taiwan, depending on how quickly the books get to me. This is easily the prettiest book I’ve ever put together.

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  1. I definitely want to check it out! I loved the last hangout you did! So inspiring!!!

  2. Sounds fun. I’ll lurk!

  3. 7 EST? CST? MST? PST? PMS? LSD?

  4. Just ordered the Sand Omnibus. Excited for the release : D. (Someone had to test to see if the link was working)

    1. Seems to be. I see the order!

  5. Oh I hope I don’t forget! How’d I miss this USB drive thingy??? =)

  6. kathy czarnecki Avatar

    Ordered Omnibus. If I come to the hang out I will keep my mouth shut or at least mute the volume this time. Last time I had no idea I was even connected!

  7. Will we be able to order the individual sand stories through your site?

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking of selling them only as a bundle, just to simplify things. So you can get 1-5 together.

      1. Awesome! Thats what I was hoping for. Thanks hugh :)

      2. I was hoping for that too! Will you have a link up to purchase the bundle soon? :)

  8. Sounds like fun and would love to check it out. Also, just ordered my Fallout Shelter USB and hope it makes the cut for tomorrow’s shipping!

  9. Ordered SAND ! Thanks Hugh

  10. An Aussie fan here who is absolutely gagging to get my hands on a copy of the Sand Omnibus in print form…how can I order…I simply can’t wait for it to hit our shores.
    I read about your Wool Trilogy on twitter…bought all three books, never having read a SF book in my life, I’m now an addict…not just to the genre, but your books in particular. God. I’m a groupie.
    So…can you help?
    Thanking you excessively in advance!

    1. I think there will be a narrow window next week or order one from CreateSpace Europe or from me directly.

  11. HH: How can I find out if I ordered a USB drive? I ordered awhile back, but you released the orders bc you were going on your long trip. I can’t remember if I reordered a little later or put it on my Christmas list for Santa. I’d wait until I don’t get one to know for sure, but that might take longer than I’d want it to. I’m trying to search my email for confirmation, but it might take a long time not to find that, too. Any other ideas?

    1. Um..I think I found the email. I’ll be sure to post to let everyone know when I get the thumb drive because.I sure don’t want everyone losing sleep over this. Hey…that’s just the kind of guy I am…always thinking of others. You’re welcome! :)

    2. I’m pretty sure you have an order in. I’ll keep an eye out for your name as I’m packing them up.

  12. Where is Sand ebook?.. :(

    1. Should be ready early next week.

      1. Reading part two and have the others waiting in my kindle. I just ordered the hard copy. Can I give you another buck or two for the eOmnibus?

  13. Margaret Buckley Avatar
    Margaret Buckley

    I had written something and lost it… I hope both posts don’t show up.

    The Hangout is a great idea! As I’m in the same time zone as you, I’ll be sure to drop by. BTW, I just ordered a signed version of Sand!! I can hardly wait.

    See you later!

  14. Will there be a Goldsboro limited hardcover edition?

      1. Have the 5 paperbacks in or on the way but would definitely add a Goldsboro edition. The three Silo books look so great together.

  15. Hello? Anybody home? Ah hell.

      1. Yeah, I was late. Next time.

  16. After participating in the hangout I ordered my signed copy. Excited for my copy of SAND and can’t wait for another Molly book.

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