A Minecraft Silo!

Yes. For realz. Avery Barnard, a Wool reader and Minecraft player, has begun work on a silo built lovingly, brick by brick. Check it:

The recreation of the first book had Amber and I riveted and screaming, “No way, no way!”

And the tour at the end is incredible. Love the spiral staircase.

6 responses to “A Minecraft Silo!”

  1. Haha, this is awesome! I just finished Third Shift and am trying to get interested in Minecraft again (it’s relaxing but hard to get into), so this was great

  2. This is Genius!! Why didn’t I think of it!

  3. Can’t wait for Ripley’s vision of this. This one was excellent. What he created is way hard.

  4. Astounding! The children’s library and the laundry both made me smile. Someone has WAY more patience than I do, that’s for sure!

  5. Can u make it a map?
    It sounds interesting to have on my own computer.

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