The German Wool Trailer!

How crazy is this?

One week from today, I’ll be flying to Germany to celebrate the hardback release. Can’t wait!

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  1. OMG!!! That’s fantastic!! I’ll bet you’re freaking stoked! :D :D Gorgeous trailer, have a blast in Deutschland!!! :D

  2. I got goosebumps! I am so proud of you, HH.

  3. Which cities are you visiting? Make sure you try to cliche (but yummy) german food, like a Currywurst.

      1. Pity! I will be in Kiel exactly next week. Take a ship from Oslo… But just for a couple of days.

  4. Das ist total awesomesauchen!

  5. You are Das Uberraschungs! Man, that sounds… surprising! LOL Seriously, the trail is AWESOME.

  6. It feels so unreal. Wow! You must be stoked.

  7. A new title?

    I remember one of the things you were unhappy with with the initial US publishers you met was their desire to change the title of the book…

    Are there not appropriate knitting references in German?

    1. I remember that (at least in part) the title came from the phrase “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.” That analogy unfortunately doesn’t translate directly over into German, meaning they’d need to come up with something that fits. SILO does certainly describe the series, even if it lacks the double meaning. *shrug*

  8. So when are going to buy the house next door to Patterson on Palm Beach…

    Great trailer Hugh.

    1. I had added a {/snicker} tag to the above post but used the wrong brackets. :)

  9. One screen, two screen, red screen, blue screen . . .

  10. Harry O'Connor Avatar

    Wow! Awesome! :)

  11. Keine Ueberraschung fuer mich! Do you understand the German, Hugh?

    Yeah “Wool” as in ‘pull the wool over your eyes’ is translated (according to Leo)

    To fool with a blue mist (Jemand blauen Dunst vormachen)

    so no that was never going to work with the word “Wool” – Wolle has a pun possibility with “wollen” – cognate with ‘to will’ – a helper verb meaning – well, “I will” but it doesn’t really fold in to the text.

    I’m only an intermediary German speaker, I know a lot of idioms but not these. (/German off.)

    I love Germany Hugh, where are you going there? Do you have a German/English interpreter? It helps. I’d volunteer but I have no time off to be your volunteer German guide!

  12. whoops just saw your answer about Berlin. Berlin is – kinda big. I preferred the smaller cities. But if they are producing a press run in hardback – Germans are serious readers: they are serious readers of sci fi. Everybody’s got hardbacks in their living room bookshelves – hundreds of them.

  13. Gobsmacked! If this trailer for the book is this good I can’t wait for the movie. If there a trailer for the North American release?

    1. I meant. is there a trailer for the North American release of the book?

      1. I don’t think they have one planned. These aren’t all that common. Very cool that two of them have been put together for Wool.

  14. That was WAY cool. It makes me itching to see what Ridley will do with your work. I can hardly imagine what you must think when you see something like that.

  15. Uhm… Am I the only one who doesn’t like this trailer? Who is this red-eyed vamp… I mean woman? Allison? Why is she so dirty then? Juliette? Why is she cleaning then? The screen in the helmet has to be just 8×2 inches, why can we see the whole face of the vamp-cleaner? And it looks like a gas mask in which is possible to breathe the outside air; although we know it must NOT be possible…
    IMHO this trailer is good just for one thing – commercial advertisement. I don’t think I would like the movie made like that.

  16. Oh, but… The Germans have an audiobook on theur “Silo”. What about audiobook in English?

  17. Hi there,
    Could you post more information about when and were in Berlin will you have presentations ? I’m a big fan living in Berlin and I would love to join.

  18. That’s probably the BEST book trailer I’ve ever seen, and I don’t even speak German. Awesome!

  19. Connie Jennings Avatar
    Connie Jennings

    I love the trailer. And the books!

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