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A Shout-Out to My Goodreads Peeps

The reason I’m on this thrill-ride is because of you, the reader. And the Goodreads community has been an awesome part of that. There have been some epic review threads (right Cass?) and an absolute mountain of ratings. Over 33,000 individual people have weighed in. Most didn’t hate my stories.

On the eve of publication, I just wanted to pause and thank one of the great sites and groups that helped make this happen. I appreciate the support this past year. Happy reading.

5 replies to “A Shout-Out to My Goodreads Peeps”

I sincerely hope you continue to weave more stories out of WOOL!
Will you ever consider coming to DC? We love you here as well!

One of your WOOL fans since the first one was available on Amazon,

My husband and I are anxiously awaiting Dust!!!! Thanks for the great story that has kept us up late through the autumn and winter nights!

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