Austin Events!

Today is the day that my book tour officially kicks off. I’ll be at BookPeople in Austin tonight at 7:00. Before this, however, I’ll be grabbing a bite to eat and hanging out with a few readers at The Snack Bar, which is at 1224 South Congress. We’re meeting at 4:00 PM. If you’re coming into town a bit early (or live here) please come join us. It should be a small and comfortable gathering.

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  1. Dammit. I won’t to come to the pre-event at The Snack Bar but I will be at Book People at 7:00. I had to finagle some so I could be there tonight because I wouldn’t miss this opportunity, even if it meant gnawing off my own arm. :)

  2. Wow. I’m stuttering and fumbling already and I haven’t even met you in person yet. That should say, “I won’t be able to come to the pre-event…”.

  3. Any idea how long you’ll be at the Snack Bar? We can’t make it until 4:30ish.

    1. I’ll be there for a while. Until 6, probably.

  4. Won’t be able to make it tonight, but I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Hope to see you again sometime!

  5. Hi Hugh, I’ve been posting on the Fan Art bit – which is a bit daft as I actually didn’t make any comments on the art lol!

    However, I see you’re coming to the UK w/c 25th March – what city/stores are you visiting?

    I have also recommended Wool to colleagues and friends who are constantly asking for word of mouth recommendations – seemingly the only way people want to buy a good book these days. My main comment was ‘to be prepared for something a bit different’! Fingers crossed for the book.

    1. I think our are misreading the calendar. High visited the UK beginning February 25th.

      1. Yes I’ve just realised, thanks Joe.

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