A Wallscreen In Tiananmen Square

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  1. Well that is random …. It looks recently cleaned!

  2. Oh Jesus… I don¨’t have anything other to say…

    And Hugh… Third Shift is full novel! I mean it’s a big book. And amazing. I’m reading it now – slowly, repeating some places many times for better taste.

    Why do you take just about 3 dollars for it? Excuse me, but… but… are you insane??? :)

    1. I devalue my own work. Yes.

      It’s why I have a donate button with a coffee mug on it. :)

      1. Where? I’d like to donate! 4 dollars for a big novel?! I don’t have words.

      2. I did it. Now when you go out to take a cup of coffe imagine that I take it with you.

  3. I saw screens like this in another square near the Forbidden City when I happened to be there for work around the 60th anniversary National Day. Essentially they are kind of like the screens in sports stadiums so that they can have huge gatherings of people (and I mean huge) and show close-ups of the speakers to the audience. In between those events, they use them for other videos about China. They are really bright as shown here.

  4. In the future these screens will constitute vacations and due to perfect eye and gaze tracking technology, the time spent looking at them will be deducted from your cititzen’s salary.

    1. Good heavens, that’s brilliant and most likely prescient.

  5. Now, that’s a HUGE silo! :)

    But seriously, it seems the only way there to “watch” clean air, since breathing it it’s impossible.

  6. A quote I took from some place….”a new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. a chance to begin again”

    1. Blade Runner for the win….I see the Ridley Scott connection you snuck in there.

  7. There’s some serious Orwellian overtones to that picture!

  8. “There were blue skies and green grass out there…!”
    (Just finished Pact – bloody well done Hugh!)

  9. I hadn’t really thought of the broader political “visor” realities. And wouldn’t even want to get into thinking about religious visors…

    Hugh, I wonder if there might be a Visi-Sonor variant among the cleaning suits? And I wonder if there are any Mules outside who have adapted to the toxic environment?

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