A NaNoWriMo Webinar!

Indie bestseller Sarra Cannon, Amanda Wilson from CreateSpace, and yours truly will be guests on an upcoming NaNoWriMo Webinar! I was thrilled when Grant Faulkner reached out to me about this opportunity. Grant runs National Novel Writing Month, which I’ve participated in for the last four years.

Ever since I started taking writing seriously, I’ve used November as an excuse to focus my energies on a single novel and get a complete rough draft put together. My first year, I wrote HALF WAY HOME, a book that has gone on to become a fan favorite. The following year, it was THE HURRICANE, another book I get wonderful feedback on. I had a down year the next November, when I wrote WOOLs 2, 3, and 4. But I rebounded this year with THIRD SHIFT.

I talk up NaNo every chance I get. In previous years, I worked with the young writers program at my local library. This year, I was pleased to make a donation to the program, giving back to an organization that has given so much to me. I’m hoping they didn’t spend my $5 all at once!

If you’re interested in the Webinar, here’s the link. I think it will be made available afterward as well, but I’m not sure. The date is February 18th. I’m leaving for Germany and the UK on the 19th, so this could very well be the last you hear from me. Ever. Or not. We’ll see.

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  1. That is awesome Hugh, I look forward to it. I meet with a group of local NANOWRIMO’s each week since the beginning of this year, we got to know each at a couple get togethers last november…They were all jazzed to see a print version of my book, yeah for Createspace!

  2. You and Sarra both! That will be a heck of a webinar!

    p.s. safe travels…

  3. So excited to be a part of this with you, Hugh!

  4. Hi there! I’ve signed up for your newsletter, and I can get your blog feed, but there are certain blogs I don’t want to miss at all and wondered if there is a way you can add a “subscribe to blog by email” gadget here? I know on Blogger one can but not sure what you’re using. Just a thought.

    Sent you a Cup of Coffee donation, too — I wish it could be more.

    1. Yeah, I need an RSS feed. I’ll look into it. And thanks for the coffee!

  5. I thought you did have an RSS feed? At least I use one but I don’t see a link on your page right now…

    This is what I have in Google Reader.

  6. aesthetically speaking, “webinar” is probably the ugliest word to be invented and fall into common usage in like a century

  7. Can’t wait! Thanks for giving back to other WriMos who admire your success. Wishing you much more of it!

  8. Love your work! I got hooked on the Wool Series (now reading Third Shift) and got my husband into it too! Got him the Shift Omnibus for Valentine’s Day. Not the most romantic gift, but I know he’ll enjoy it it!

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