A wild ride on Stickam tonight!

Thanks so much to all who tuned into the live book signing tonight! It made for an awesome and impromptu book launch party. So glad Amber decided to join me and that Bella made a brief appearance. When we hit the front page and the viewers shot up over a thousand, I couldn’t believe it. What an amazing experience.

I love that I recognize so many of your names, that you’ve become FB friends, blog participants, and people I can chat with and feel like I know. This really has been a wild ride. It’s you people that make it so special. The reviews for I, ZOMBIE blew me away today. So thoughtful and insightful, so serious and touching.

Happy Zombie Day, everyone!

2 responses to “A wild ride on Stickam tonight!”

  1. I had a great time with everyone. I wish I could figure out why my sound cuts out every two words are so. I didn’t get to hear much of what you and Amber were saying (in coherent sentences :), but I had a BLAST chatting with you all!

  2. Hugh, you and Amber were so great! It was so much fun. I can tell that you both are very caring people.
    And, very smart and talented as well.

    I could not believe how well you drew those Zombies. They were so cool.

    I could also see how much fun you were having. That made it fun for me/us!

    I had no issues getting in or with streaming. The video played great!

    I’m glad Bella showed up. She is such a sweet girl. I can tell she is spoiled rotten. So is our dog. They make ours lives so much more worth living. We’re all they have. They have no job, friends, or responsibilities. They depend on us for everything. When I think of that, I try to spend a bit more time on doing the things they enjoy. Like chasing the laser light around the kitchen and taking walks……

    I’ll look forward to your next broadcast Hugh, Amber and Bella.

    Take care and be safe……..Janet

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