Z-Day Minus One and Counting…

Man, I have no idea what to expect. This time tomorrow, anyone who wants to can just snag a copy of I, Zombie and start reading. It’s weird how much trepidation I feel. This is the opposite of waiting for my first books to go on sale, just hoping they’d be noticed, that anyone would grab a copy (even if by accident). Now, I almost want to go off and hide somewhere while this . . . thing lurches out the door.

A few people have already received their blood-splattered copies. Tomorrow, the Kindle version goes live. In a few weeks, the book will go up on other outlets as well. Right now, I feel like I’m bracing for impact.

Very little of my anxiousness is the gore, to be honest. There are a few scenes in the book that I used for my own catharsis. I didn’t wrestle with my demons so much as breathe life into them and allow them to rag-doll me like Hulk did with Loki.

One thing to keep in mind, for those of you counting down the hours, this release is a little different from my previous ones. I normally get an itchy trigger finger the night before a release date, and I’ll go ahead and hit the publish button. This time, it’s all in Amazon’s control. If you wake up and the book isn’t out yet, it has to do with when they decide the start of the day has officially begun (after Jeff Bezos finishes his second cup of coffee). This is my first time doing it this way, so I don’t know what to expect. In fact, I think I’ll go crawl under a rock now and stay there for a few days. Happy Z-Day to you all.

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  1. I am so excited for the release of I, Zombie! Not for me but for you and everyone who has been so patiently waiting.

    I can feel it in my bones that it will be a HUGE success. I have told many about it. Most people love zombies. I have no idea why but they do.

    I hate gore, yuck…..but I will probably purchase to support you and may get up enough nerve to read it myself just because I don’t want to miss anything that you write.

    Get out from beneath that rock and stand up like a man and enjoy the fame and fortune that Z-Day will bring you and the happiness of your fans and your soon to be new fans. Tomorrow…..tomorrow…….la, la,la……

  2. Double bonus points for the Avengers reference.

    I have no doubt that if people give it a chance, and take it for what it is, it will get the recognition it deserves.

    Take a deep breath, take the fact that it’s out of your control as a chance to just let go and relax.

    And if you start to get depressed about it all, for Pete’s sake, DON’T read Wool 1!

  3. I’m already feeling cheated – it’s the 15th here in NZ and I have to wait for the 15th there!! :(

    Once it’s here I’ll probably crawl under a rock too, but it’ll be to read!! Good luck Hugh & I *know* this will be another great one!

    1. bozothedeathmachine Avatar

      Same in Europe, but not as bad.

      Actually, it’s better for me that the US. It just released on Amazon, at midnight in the US. So, while everyone in the US has to read starting at midnight, I get to start fresh at 08:00, much to the dismay of my company.

      You got the double whammy. You still have to wait until night and a day late. Suck.

      1. Reason enough to live in Europe!

        1. bozothedeathmachine Avatar

          Can’t reply now. Reading.

        2. bozothedeathmachine Avatar

          >>Hugh C. Howey
          on August 15, 2012 at 2:43 am

          Hugh. Dude. 2:43 AM? Tracking the Amazon stats in realtime?

  4. Good luck Hugh — hope it’s a huge success. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Was notified my copy will be here tomorrow … I generally don’t like this subject … But hey you wrote it … it’s gotta be good.

    Going back to my silo to wait for UPS…

  6. I am just about to start on my blood stained copy (thanks for the fast delivery!). I discovered Wool over Memorial Day Weekend, and have read them all, plus the Fyde series. Now I am ready for some zombie action. Mmmmmmm….brains.

  7. It’s here; it’s here!!!! Late night and nightmares ahead I hope ……….. thanks Hugh and Amazon!!!!

      1. OMG OMG OMG – was up till the wee small hours until I was zombied myself – am at work now shuffling around ………..

        Seriously awesome reading!!!

        1. Every day she’s shuffling, shuffling, shuffling….

  8. Squee!! Just bought my copy! :D

  9. I will never look at a zombie the same … I am only a few chapters in (had to go to work) but so far it is delightfully disgusting! GREAT BOOK.

  10. Just finished this a few days ago. The description of walking on broken glass was the worst/most vivid part for me, I was cringing the whole way through those chapters. Reminded me of the Jackass movie where the most painful part is when theyre giving each other paper cuts in the webbing of their hands and feet. Amazing.

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