All Things SILO

Okay … there’s a LOT happening right now, and the show hasn’t even launched yet. Here are a few of the fun places to pop into and discuss the show with fellow woolites and silozens:

There’s a FB group (come join us!)

A subreddit

A discord chat (weekly episode discussions!)

A podcast (I just listened to the first one, and it’s awesome!)

The IMDB page has a TON of stuff in one place

And some fun Apple ads for laughs (and easter eggs!)

One of my favorite little easter eggs is the above image from the Apple ad. It’s Romeus and Juliette! Check the levels the two star-crossed lovers are from. :D

There are SO MANY interviews, reviews, and more to list here. Google searches turn up more than you can get through. One of my favorite things right now is the sure-to-go-down RottenTomatoes score:

Missing anything? Share a link in the comments and I’ll add it.


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