We Are Live!

So many emotions right now. For the last ten or so years, I’ve watched a lot of very talented folks try their best to bring the Silo series to life, first on the big screen with Ridley Scott and now on TV with AMC and Apple. You know what I felt the most over those ten years? It wasn’t impatience. It was fear.

Fear that whatever got made would disappoint readers.

I mean, you’re never gonna make everyone happy. But it’s possible to get things wrong, or put out something mediocre or worse, and nobody is super thrilled. And all I ever wanted was to repay the fans with an adaptation that they recognize and love.

Up until two weeks ago, I was still scared. But then early reviews leaked out, and I watched episodes with people who adore the books and people who haven’t read any of it. The consensus has been that this show is great. The reviews from critics are over the moon (95% on RT!). My social feeds are awash with readers and new folks gushing over the show. My heart is so full and happy right now.

I hope you dive in with us, join us in the discussions, and enjoy the ride that’s ahead. Thank you all for the support and kind words. Means the world to me. And if you have any questions, come join my AMA (ask me anything) over on Reddit today at 3pm EST: https://reddit.com/r/iama

Love you all!

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  1. Wendy D'Oriano Avatar
    Wendy D’Oriano

    Life, isn’t it just a round about of emotions, and you certainly have had all yours tweaked in the last few years. Congratulations and bring it on.

  2. I’ve got tears in my eyes.

  3. Hugh I watched the first episode last night and LOVED it. The adaption was excellent and even the changes worked for me. Congrats.

  4. I have two words for you…THANK YOU!!!

    Wishing you much continued success!

  5. I had just started writing when I came across your stories. The more I read, the more I liked. And when I learned about your journey to be a writer, it gave me hope. Congratulations. You did good.

  6. You are amazing! Your gracious and grateful heart shines. It’s been a joy to follow you all these years. Huge congratulations on this very special and well-deserved day!

  7. So good! I watched last night. Wish I could have binged and stayed up all night.

  8. Congratulations! It’s nothing short of momentous. I and couldn’t think of a more deserving person.

  9. And love back to you from me and all the HIGH COUNTRY WRITERS. Our hearts swell up with happiness for your success and you ♥️♥️♥️

  10. What a whirlwind Hugh. I was unaware of a possible film adaptation (with Ridley Scott no less!), but I think a serial production is the right way to tell and enhance a fantastic set of books that delve into human minds, morals, and survival instincts. a HUGH-ge congratulations to you and to the entire team at AMC, Apple, and the many people along the way.

  11. Matt Johnson Avatar

    My wife and I read Wool (before the others and Omnibus) just after we finished the Molly Fyde series and we’ve been HH fans for life. Today is an exciting day as we have followed the initial news, follow ups, disappointments, and finally…success!!!

  12. Hannah Murrill Warren Avatar
    Hannah Murrill Warren

    So far I’m enjoying the Silo series. I wanted to let you know I’m your second cousin from Morehead City, NC. My father was William Murrill, one of Uncle Hugh’s older brothers. I’ve been in touch with Gay a few times and know how proud she is of you! I look forward to watching the remainder of the series. Will there be any more from other books?

  13. Just saw the first two episodes of the Silo series and loved it! Maybe more importantly, my husband who has not read the books also loved the series. Congratulations to you and know that your readers are so happy for you. Maybe the Molly Fyde series will be produced. I love all of your work!

  14. You won’t remember me, but I read Silo in 2013 soon after you published it. At that time I seeked you out to tell you how utterly blown away I was with your totally unique approach to speculative fiction and how engrossed I was. I almost feel like I knew this was brilliant before the rest of the world discovered you. I knew in about 3 seconds when I saw the teaser on Apple that it was Silo. I’m so excited, just diving into the first episode. I hope the entire series gets made. They are all mind blowing. Congratulations! You deserve it and I knew it a long time ago. Oh, and I appreciated tha you responded way back then and how humble you were and pleased that I had written to you. Keep them coming please!

  15. Haven’t watched yet ,waiting for the whole thing to air.But it was a happy surprise to see it finally being streamed.I will be in touch soon.

    1. I think you’re smart because waiting for the next episode is hard! We watched the first two back to back. Loving the series!

  16. Loved the books. One of my all time favourite series. And just stumbled across Silo on Apple TV.

    From the very first scene it brought the books to life. I feel like I can see on screen what I saw in my mind while reading.


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