Almost all the Way Home, now.

Half Way Home is off to the printer, which means I’ll have early editions sometime next week (I’m guessing). For those of you who pre-ordered, your copies will be heading out right along with those meant for review sites. That means you’ll be sampling this awesome story as quick as anyone else.

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of this book. The manner in which I came up with the plot (a long hike in the woods with my wife during a camping trip), and some of the controversial sub-plots within the book (not gonna tell), combine to make this book something dear to me and also a bit risky.

Do me a favor: after you read the book, give me your thoughts. Review the book wherever you can. Shoot me an e-mail. No matter what you think, I wanna hear it.

Okay, now back to Blood of Billions. :D

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