Molly Fyde

  • The Value of Reading

    The Value of Reading

    Five years ago, I made the novelette WOOL available for free. Permanently. This is the short story that launched my career as a writer, and I wanted to make it available to as many readers as possible. When I discount my books, or make them free, I think about conversations I’ve had with authors about… Continue reading

  • The Time Fence

    People rarely sit on fences anymore. No, I’m not talking about the literal kind, though there does seem to be less of that going around as well. My father grew up on a farm, and I imagine in his day they sat on fences a lot and picked their teeth with shoots of hay. They… Continue reading

  • Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”

    A Facebook friend suggested I start an IAmA/AMA thread on Reddit. I had no idea what this was, but it turns out to be a pretty cool little feature. Anyone can post who or what they are (IAmA fireman/doctor/astronaut), and the AMA stands for: “Ask me Anything.” So I created one about being a self-published… Continue reading

  • Why am I writing this?

    I think I’m going to have to publish I, ZOMBIE under a different name. This foulness is going to make it impossible to ever run for office. I seriously doubt my wife is going to help me edit this one. I can already hear the conversation: Her: “What is the point of all this?” Me:… Continue reading

  • Adventures in Traditional Publishing

    Thanks to the success of Wool (which I owe to you, my avid fans, who infect others with your good taste in literature) I have been approached by the sort of people that I used to beg for and now rarely think about. Film and TV studios have made serious inquiries, and a handful of… Continue reading