Amazon is (was) driving me nuts

Update: It looks like books 2 and 4 have returned from the ashes! I like to think the tears I shed helped restore them.

Of course, the rankings are now gone, so tell your friends to pick up this series so they can be restored to their former glory!

Link for Wool 2

Link for Wool 4

Books 2 and 4 of the Wool series have disappeared from the Kindle store. For those of you wondering why this is, I have no freakin’ clue. And there’s no one I can get on the phone to explain the problem or get it fixed. This is happening with some other books, so it appears to be a glitch on their end. I apologize for any frustration/confusion. If you’re reading along in the series, I recommend returning what you’ve already purchased and going for the Omnibus Edition. Let’s hope that one doesn’t up and vanish as well!

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  1. A possible cause? I read part one and loved it. Paid for and downloaded part two and was horrified to find that whole sentences and parts of paragraphs were missing. Some of the cutoff sentences actually started with a *letter* cut partially off, so this isn’t a formatting problem. I thought maybe it was a problem with the download, so I got a refund and tried again. After three times, I quit. I sent in a complaint, but haven’t heard anything about it. Hope you find out if and when the problem is solved, and report back. I’m probably not the only frustrated reader.

    1. I’m sorry you’re having this difficulty. I’m going crazy over here!

  2. Hugh-
    Glad you posted this today! Wool 4 has disappeared off my kindle as well .(very frustrating) I thought I was going crazy. ( its a short trip)

    1. Wow. I didn’t know it was doing that. This is atrocious!

  3. It’s that George R. R. Martin again…sneaky bastard…I have friends in IT also…and one DOES work at Amazon now…hmmm…sad if “A Dance With Dragons” goes “missing” also…although frankly it shouldn’t be listed as sci if anyways so what sci if fan would really miss it…

    Seriously though that sucks is there a number fans can call to complain?

  4. It disappeared off of your kindle!?? I would be so mad!

  5. My iPad is offline at the moment, thank god… that and I backed up my Kindle purchases on my PC every time I buy something so that if something happens I will de-DRM it and keep stuff I paid for forever… I love DDP’s and all but you don’t constantly allow Samsung to keep up to date with your TV so why should I keep DDS’s up to date with my digital stuff… ‘cept Steam, but they have been around longer than the rest and have constantly shown that they are trust worthy… that and they give you a way to back up your games to disks and if a game was to drop off Steam for what ever reason I would crack it cos I paid for it…
    (No, I do not support piracy but if needs be I support my self first… or something like that…)

    1. Agreed. I back up my Kindle as well. And this is why I don’t put DRM on my books. I want people to use them however they see fit.

  6. It’s still on my Kindle, thankfully.

  7. Yup, Gone from my kindle! I am afraid to purchase book 5, untill these issues are resolved. That being said, I love the Wool books so far! What a great read!

  8. *long stream of curse words*

  9. you don’t? Damn… now I am off to convert the Hurricane to epub so I can read it in iBooks, I really don’t like the kindle app…

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