Exciting things for April!

Okay, if your name is April, calm down. I didn’t mean you. I mean next month!

Sometime around the 11th of April, I’m going to release the Wool series back onto the Nook and iPad. If sales are better this time around, I will leave them there and publish the rest of my books on those platforms going forward. If they are as anemic as they were last time, it won’t make up for the “borrows” I get from being Amazon exclusive, and I’ll have to take them down.

So, if you have friends and family who haven’t caught Wool Fever because of incompatible immune systems, let them know what’s coming and to support indie authors on those platforms. Otherwise, the party will be a fleeting one.

If you want to help keep hope alive, a quick and easy way will be to copy and paste your Amazon reviews onto the B&N and iBook stores. I know, I ask a lot of you readers. If it makes you feel better, think of me getting up every morning to write, edit, and revise so that you only have to wait a few months between releases rather than a year or more!

9 responses to “Exciting things for April!”

  1. Sounds good, a friend of mine went to get Wool based on the fact that few people can get away from talking about the book during a conversation with me lately. Anyways, she has a Nook and I was surprised it wasn’t out there. When you go live on those platforms let us know and I’ll be sure to get out there and get some good buzz going on their review boards.

  2. Can do, Mr. Howey. Like Bob Ross said, let us know. Also, I couldn’t resist to comment to mention Bob Ross because I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of the beloved painter promoting Wool.

  3. Oooohhhh… Sweet, I always wanted these on iBooks… Awesome and thank you… (Also… the Hurricane on iBooks would be nice… just sayin…)

  4. Hi Hugh, is Wool 4 available in kindle format? Or in any ebook format? Thanks!

    1. It is, but Amazon has screwed the pooch and removed Wool 2 and Wool 4 from their system! I’ve contacted everyone I possibly can. Still haven’t heard what their solution will be. :(

  5. Thanks Hugh — how frustrating for everyone! I have just gone through the first two and I anticipate wanting Wool 4 real soon. :)

    I will be patient and keep checking — thanks for the quick response!

  6. I will definitely do that! I always thought that the ipad one was the same as the kindle…or maybe that is just the kindle app?

  7. Oh and as for the ‘I know, I ask a lot of you readers’ comment… you do know what blind devotion means right Mr. Cult leader… XD

    No, I kid, I kid…

    But you gave me a good weeks worth of entertainment for less than $20(AUD) least I can do is help out… by doing something I was gonna do anyways…

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