April 19th, 2012. The day the Mayans ignored.

The world won’t end on April 19th, 2012, but you’ll be able to read about it. That’s my target date for First Shift – Legacy, book 6 in the Silo Series. I just finished what I believe is my sixth revision. There will be one or two more passes as I incorporate findings from beta readers and editors, but these should be minor tweaks.

So, pencil in the date. Barring an Amazon outage or the far less likely end of the world, it all should go down TWO WEEKS from today!

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  2. Sorry if you mentioned this in a previous post, but do you have an approximate length you can share with us?

  3. What is the lowest you would take for your house? $100,000? You are the one with the house aren’t you?

    1. I am. That would be quite low, but we’re eager to have any offer. Why? Are you in the Boone area or in the market for an awesome mountain retreat? :)

      1. Keep in mind that this is now a historic landmark!

  4. Might I suggest you add this little puppy to your front page:


  5. Richard Broadhurst Avatar
    Richard Broadhurst

    Like my Troglodyte and Luddite forebears I, too, march to the words of a different artist. My name is Richard and I am a Woolite. I have carved itty bitty zeros and ones around April 19th on my iPhone calendar. Damn those Mayans, there must be an easier way.

    1. Haha! Nice, Richard! And thanks for stopping by!

  6. I can’t wait either! Maybe Kitten can update the cover image with the blueprints from Jerry Yeti since it’s more specific to the Silos?

    1. I’ve spoken with Jerry about that. Consider it done.

  7. SO EXCITED! I will have to request that day off work so I can read!

    1. Jill: That’s probably the most my writing has ever been flattered!

  8. oooo… it will be late… but awesome birthday present… yaaaay… I can’t wait for this… but that counter is making me sad… it seems soooo far away…

  9. Also… I love you more now Hugh… (thanks for reminding me to check the calendar Jill) the 19th is my 1 day off at TAFE… Awesomes!!!

  10. Perfect. Heading to VA hosptial on the 20th for MRI on my back. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of down time to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the previous books. Now if only I can summon the willpower not to consume the book on the 19th.

  11. This news made my day. I finished the Omnibus two weeks ago and I’ve been foaming at the mouth in anticipation for the next installment. The next two weeks will not go fast enough! I just ordered the first two Molly Fyde books to keep me occupied until the release.

  12. Not consume it one day? NOT possible! :)

  13. Patricia Huff Avatar

    Love the cover ideas. Ever need an extra reader I am always happy to read for you!

  14. I beg to differ Lisa… I will start my morning with this book in hand and finish it come the next morning… 24 hours later… XD

  15. I’ve eagerly been anticipating the new book. Can’t wait. I’ve been checking the kindle store daily hoping to see another surprise release date. Is there a way you could put the book on the store for pre-orders? That way I can take comfort in knowing I’ll have my hands on it ASAP and possibly helping your sales by creating even more buzz for an independent author with a loyal, hungry fanbase. Just a thought.

  16. I’ve been checking here a couple times a week after reading WOOL 1-5 in a span of maybe 48 hours, followed by all of your other offerings available on Kindle less than a month ago. I nearly shouted when I saw the completion bar for the sixth entry at 100%. Honestly I can’t say that I’ve ever been so captivated by any work of fiction.

    Thank you Mr. Howey, for continuing to expand this world you have created.

    1. Thank YOU, Reb! This is a lot more fun with actual readers. I really appreciate it.

  17. I have just finished your book Wool Omnibus edition and had to tell you what a great book it is. You are a fantastic writer and I look forward to book 6 coming out in a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work, you rank up there with the greats of science fiction.

    1. Wow! Thanks, Jeff. That’s humbling and awesome to hear.

  18. So thrilled to read the next installment of this series. I tell anyone who dares ask “what should I read next” to read YOU! Love, love, love it!

  19. Oops–forgot to type the rest of my e-mail address I was so excited to share my thgouths with you.

  20. Hugh,

    Thank you for being such an amazing writer! I stumbled upon the Wool series via Amazon’s recommendation service and am eternally grateful I clicked the purchase button. I have since them recommended it to friends who are now fans as well.

    April 19th could not have been a better release date since I will be on a plane early morning the following day. As someone who does not hold flying in high regard, I cannot imagine ever getting as excited as I am at this moment to be in flight.

    1. Haha! I know what you mean regarding flying. I hate the entire process.

      And thanks for spreading the word! I’m glad you clicked that purchase button as well. :D

  21. I just finished the omnibus today and was sooo happy to find that another installment would be available in just seven days!! Is only going to be available for download or is the print version going to be ready that day too? I’m just not that hi-tech. :)
    (btw, just wanted to share that 5 mins after I finished the omnibus immediately lent it to a coworker. Something this good should be shared.)

    1. Thanks for spreading the love, Shannon!

      The print edition will follow about a week or so after the e-book. The process is a little longer. I’ll try and move it along as fast as I can, though!

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