On the Casting Couch

As I posted earlier, I’ve decided to tackle an audiobook version of the Wool Omnibus. A reader suggested I try out as the voice of Holston, and here’s my first take. About halfway through the first chapter, I start to get a little more comfortable. Feedback welcomed! A making-of video coming soon!

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  1. Honestly, I liked it. I’m not sure why, but the fact that you’re reading it gives the words more meaning to it. Perhaps it’s because you know how it should be read makes all the difference.

    It’s actually funny that you are looking for audiobook readers. I was talking to some friends of mine and I had recorded a line or two said by Juliette later in the books just for fun even though my voice doesn’t fit her at all.

  2. Is there nothing you can’t do? Great job!

  3. … Speechless… Perfect… This… Is… It… Dude, there can be no one else that can do Wool 1…

  4. Yeah, good job man. I really think you should at least do the first Wool. You know what lines to stress, and I thought the first part was especially nice… it was like listening to someone reading poetry.

    That makes me think that no matter who you have read these, that they should really enjoy and “get” what they are reading.

    Maybe for Julliete you could convince your wife to read?

  5. Stop here! Why audition anyone else? This is Great! Perfect!

  6. Yeah, it is good man. I would have no problem hearing you voice the entire book.

    Although, I will say you still might want to audition some other people just to get feedback on other voices. It can’t hurt and you might find that you prefer someone else’s voice over yours!

  7. my vote is hugh and amber….

  8. Hi, Hugh. I`m a VA and would enjoy collaborating with you some time. And, yes, I am Belit.

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