Away We Go!

Because of the nature of Amber’s work*, it behooves us to take our vacation time in the dead of summer. And with my birthday** right around the summer solstice, it always feels like some massive celebration (on her part) of my growing older. And so we depart tomorrow for two weeks of seeing parts of the U.S. that we haven’t seen before.

For me, it’ll mean writing in airplanes and in hotels, so it’s kinda like book tour but without the bookstores. I hope to keep up with my email, but there’s a chance things will fall through the crack. Someone once told me that vacation is when you work twice as hard before and after an event just to stress about the fact that you’re not doing anything for a brief period between. Yeah, that’s how it usually works for me.

Non-DUST signed book orders are going out today, so you should see those trickling in while I’m gone. Stay cool out there. And if you have a hit out on you in the South Florida area, enjoy two weeks of not looking over your shoulder.


*Contract killers typically take the summer off, as it really gets to be too muggy to enjoy an execution, and breathable bulletproof vests are never as breathable as advertised.

**Incidentally shared by both Joss Whedon and Alan Turing, making it by far the coolest day of the year on which to be born.

9 responses to “Away We Go!”

  1. Happy birthday, Hugh! Only a hundred or so still to come, so cherish them.
    And have a wonderful and safe vacation.

  2. With that title, try the Peter Pan ride at WDW. I still love riding it with my kids. Whatever you do, have a great vacation and enjoy yourself. Work will always be there later.

  3. Happy birthday Hugh! You and Amber deserve a great vacation. Travel safe, relax and have a great time!

    Btw, where does Bella go while you two are gallivanting across the country? Or does she go with you?

  4. Ooooh, lucky you having the same birthday as Alan Turing! Have a nice vacation, and if you need something new to try out some year, some time, come down to Missouri or thereabouts and try out contra-dancing! :D

  5. Eleanor’s correct. Come to Missouri!

  6. On our recent National Parks roadtrip, I didn’t work on any books but I blogged aobut what I saw. Different kind of energy and discipline, but sharing it with blog followers actually enhanced my own experience. Happy birthday, and happy vacation, and congrats on getting Dust done!
    Toby Neal

  7. If you decide to come through Reno let me know! I’d be happy to buy you a beer and show you two the seedy underbelly of the Biggest Little City.

  8. You seriously share a birthday with Joss Whedon?! That may be one of the coolest things EVER!

  9. I thought vacation is that period of time when you get exhausted, so when you come back to work everything seems easier.

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