The Upcoming Issue of Forbes

Pretty cool mention in this story by Forbes. It should be on newsstands in the next few days!

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  1. Existential threat? Very nice!

  2. Very nice! I love how you bring attention to the ways self-publishers can make a “comfortable living.” It’s SO possible! Great article!

  3. You make more in a month that I do in a year …. *sigh*

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I made $300 a week for three years while trying to make it as a writer! Before that, I pulled cable for an AV installer. Before that, I spent two years as a roofer, on hot metal and slate roofs, pounding with a hammer until my hand was numb.

      1. …and i feel rich by reading your books…

        1. Torben you suck up … You do deserve everything Hugh and I hope you always stay classy :)

          1. You are an inspiration. My husband self-publishes too. His income grew, from 3 figures to 4 to 5 just within a year. He still hoped to have his series published by a major publishing company (he was obsessed with this particular company), which i disagree and pointed out that Hugh Howey could make it all by himself! After all, we live solely on his amazon income (i left my job as a doctor) and cant afford to lose this regular income if the right of the series is sold. I told him to do Hugh Howey style!!

  4. Congrats! I love that authors are coming into their own power and earning a great living being in charge. I want to self-publish, too. This is a great example!

  5. Hugh,
    Looking forward to reading the article in College of Charleston magazine!

  6. I share RD’s thoughts exactly. Existential threat?! That might be one of the coolest things ever! Keep writing Hugh and we’ll keep reading…in turn keeping you rolling around in your mounds of literary genius money. which you more than deserve :)

  7. Hugh, congrats on this:

    However, I see that Wool 1, isn’t included in the list of ‘canon’, just thought you might want to add it.

  8. “..During an internship with Godwin, she waded through the slush pile learning which novels worked and which didn’t, and why. While at school, she finished the new book–which boasts plot elements similar to The Hunger Games and a central character relationship akin to the one in Fifty Shades .”

    Give the people what they want.. and thou shalt receive public reward. Better yet, make sure it is, or can be developed into, a franchise that is multimedia adaptable. That’s okay with me.

  9. I really hate it that the major publishers are only willing to accept potential blockbusters that can be turned into a series. When I look at the writing of some of the best selling series in fantasy genre (especially children’s fiction), I feel really annoyed that such bad writing actually goes through and publishers spend big money on marketing. On the other hand I look at some awesome books which really don’t get enough attention from publishers and they dump the books mid series.

    What has the mainstream publishing industry morphed into?

    1. Bob, I don’t like it either. Sucks. But, like so many things in life, it all comes down to $. _WMJ

  10. Congrats on your success Hugh!

  11. Wow!! I had no idea that you were doing so well through your own endeavors and that the publishers were offering so skimpy options! Good for you for keeping certain aspects in your court, so you get the most value for your work!! It’s well worth it!

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