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I’ve seen a lot of comments and have received a ton of emails about your local B&N not having WOOL in stock. It turns out that they were a little slow on the uptake. Orders are heading their way right now, I’ve been informed. Hopefully they’ll have stock by the end of the week.

Maybe it was everyone calling in and asking where in the heck this New York Times bestseller was. Maybe they finally caught the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post. Whatever the reason, it seems indie bookshops, Books a Million, and discounters like Target knew what was up. I’m just glad B&N heard your phone calls, realized the demand, and got onboard. It would’ve been sad for them to miss out on stocking a book written by a former employee. Much thanks to any and all who put in a call. It seems the little people still have some power after all. :)

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  1. I was game to pick up a HC at my local B&N so I called them when I saw this post…they told me its only available for home delivery at this time–they don’t have it in store….sadly the guy on the phone had no idea what this WOOL by HUGH HOWEY was. Had me spell W.O.O.L. out.

    1. I had a similar experience in-store a few days ago. I figured B&N would be savvy and might break street date. No joy. Never heard of it. And I had to spell H-O-W-E-Y, too.

  2. I ranted about my experience at B&N today on FB. They had no clue. I told the Info Lady that next week it would be sitting on their “Bestseller” shelf… but only if they ordered some.

    I didn’t realize Target had it… I’ll drive the next quarter-mile down the street tomorrow and get one there.

  3. Same here. After the snow traffic cleared here in the Denver area, I went to B&N, asked where wool was, spelled honey for the staff, and then was told the same that they could order it to be delivered to my home. I just read wool1 free from a kindle because I saw it in the WSJ, but I thought I’d support my local store on opening day for 3 extra bucks if the web price was the same. Now I’m thinking of just getting the kindle version, but I want to head downtown to the Tattered Cover to give them my misplaced brick-and-mortar bookstore love for full price….or did somebody say target has it? I want B&N to get on the ball.

  4. I called my BN, same report. When they offered to mail it, I told them I wanted it “right now” and would go through Amazon Prime.

    I also emailed our local indie store after finding out they didn’t carry it (not a total shock as they are more of a “literary store” for whatver thats worth) and told them about their opportunity to be the only shop in town carrying the book. I linked to the WSJ article of course and politely told them to get their head out of their ass and order the book. I will be interested to see if they end up stocking the book…

  5. here’s the report from Indianapolis.
    Wal-Mart – didn’t find the book on tuesday morning
    B&N – only available for home delivery
    Target – found a copy and bought it.

  6. UPS just dropped off the Wool hardcover I ordered via the local Barnes & Noble. Beautiful looking book!

  7. Last night, I chose one of the Tattered Cover’s 4 copies for full retail after driving away from Target’s 4 copies that are 20% off. I have a Kindle. So I’m also curiously walking away from a 60% discount as well. Despite having showroomed bookstores in favor of the library and/or Amazon, I have discoverd at least that my love of “alert” bookstores is worth $3, but less than $6. Economists take note: I would have bought at Target for the approximate web price of $9.
    BTW page 93: “Mark” is missing a “c”.

    1. Fascinating market data. I think publishers and retailers should be watching this.

      And good catch!

  8. Progress is being made. I followed up with the local BN and was told that they have 6 copies “on their way”.The same gentleman who had no clue what I was talking about on Tuesday is now “very familiar with the book” and should have copies any day.

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