My Upcoming Schedule

Kansas City – 13th – Rainy Day Books
Chicago – 14th – The Book Cellar
Denver – 15th – The Tattered Cover
LA – 17th – Vroman’s
LA – 18th – Mysterious Galaxy (Redondo)
San Fransisco – 19th – Books Inc
Seattle – 20th – Eliot Bay Book Co.
Virginia – 22-24th (@the Festival of the Book)
Charleston, SC – 25th – West Ashley B&N
Miami – 26th – Books & Books Flagship Store

32 responses to “My Upcoming Schedule”

  1. How about a tour of Australia? :)

  2. When will you be at the bookstore in Seattle? I work until 8pm but want to come!

    1. According to the store, it starts at 7pm, but they also say that he’ll actually be in the ‘Richard Hugo House’ which is a few blocks away from the Elliott Bay Book Company. Kind of confusing, I think. (second paragraph)

  3. Hugh

    I’m going to order WOOL from Rainy Day Books for you to sign tomorrow, and they will ship it to me. It will be a gift for my son, Paul, for his birthday in June. I’ve already bought the ebook version for myself.

    I’ve also posted a thread about this on Kboards.

    Maggie Dana

    1. I signed it last night! :)

  4. Hmm, you missed the whole middle of country– how about Fargo… No really, its not that cold. Well maybe it is, but its getting better!

  5. Hi Hugh – I know on your calendar for the 19th it says books inc in SF – but when you search that link it’s actually the books inc in Berkeley. There are several books inc in the Bay Area. Also when I goto the list of events for books inc (on their website) it says you will be in the Berkeley store, not one of the ones in the city. I just wanted to make sure this is correct – so I don’t head to the wrong store (or you for that matter). Thanks.

    1. I noticed the same. It would help to clarify the location.

  6. I have to work when you are in KC, which is as close to me as you’ll be on your tour. I checked with our local indie store in town, and I’ll be getting my hardcover copy from them. “That Bookstore in Blytheville” is a pretty cool shop, and helped John Grisham when he was selling books out of the trunk of his car. He even stops in before every release to sign their copies. Too bad you can’t detour on the way from Texas to KC and have a cup of joe with us…

  7. We want you in Honolulu!

  8. Is is crazy to rent a car to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to get my brand spanking new hardback Wool signed? Please keep in mind that L.A. is a traffic nightmare mixed with terrible drivers an impossibly small lanes. My boyfriend say yes, I am ridiculously crazy, however, I’m looking for some support from my fellow fans to justify my expenses. By the way, have we given ourselves a name? Like Woolites or Howeynauts? Maybe Woolies? I’m so far from creative it’s not even funny. What do we call ourselves?

  9. First of all, Lindsay, it is most certainly NOT crazy to make such a drive. Author tours can’t make every town, and sometimes you just have to make a shlep if it’s important to you! Go see Hugh.

    As for nicknames? People seem to have settled in on Woolites, to which I have some sort of irrational aversion. I like Woolies much better. So how about you and I start calling ourselves Woolies, and see if we can start a revolution. ;-)

    1. revolution, or a subset? subset sounds better.

      1. Woolies for life!

  10. Raleigh, Durham NC! The woolies of NC will break out of their silos and meet you over the Hill!

  11. Any chance your book tour will be bringing you to the Boston area??

    1. This summer. Maybe for the DUST release. :)

      1. That is pretty fab news!

        I’ve been hounding everyone I know to read Wool, lol. I’m sure you hear that a lot ~ I work at my local library and have pretty much recommended it to any patron I think would like it and told the director that we had to make sure we ordered it because whether she realizes it or not you are the next big thing and people are going to start asking for it.

  12. Hmmmm, no Buffalo :(

    Actually I think you should add Boone, NC to that list! Homecoming!

  13. Hi,
    I live in new England I was hoping you could do a Boston or any New England appearance. I would LOVE to get my wool arc proof signed:)
    Love the story just finished wool and am looking forward to shift and the rest of your books to honest:)
    Big Fan,
    Simon Cormier

  14. Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

  15. Congratulations on your successful European tour – and hopefully the US tour. It was my understanding that you were going to continue as indie publisher of Wool. Has that changed?

  16. Margaret Temple Avatar
    Margaret Temple

    I wish very much that you were coming to New Orleans. It’s only 2 hrs away. It would be worth the drive. Congratulations on your success.

  17. Going to try to make it to the Seattle event. If you’d like any food suggestions while you’re here I’d be happy to give suggestions.

  18. Brandy Higginbotham, Avatar
    Brandy Higginbotham,

    Me and my fiance will be there at the Tattered Cover in Denver this Friday! YAY!

  19. Hugh! I’m a little disappointed that I will be working when you’re in Chicago and won’t be able to drive in to the city to meet you. I hope I can make it to your next event, and by then I will have a hard copy of WOOL on me. I also have a burning question about a specific character that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since you released Second Shift. I don’t know if I can’t stay sane waiting for the conclusion of the Silo series to see if my theory has any validity.

    1. Hardcover on the way :-)

    2. Hey, watch the PBS affiliate tonight at 7. “Chicago Tonight”

  20. I just left a bummed out note on your Chicago post on Goodreads…then discovered that you will be coming down to Miami soon. THE JOY!!! Can’t wait to geek-out about all things Wool…

  21. I always get mad when rock bands skip over us but was hoping maybe Hugh would make it to the Triangle area.

    Current tour hits VA then skips over us to SC.

    1.5+ million people in Triangle area of North Carolina! (Raleigh/Durham). I’m sure some of them are fans? :)

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