Caring, More or Less

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  1. I had an inflatable fort once, but it floated away :( If only I’d got someone to hold it down for me.

  2. I once deliberately said “MiTCHigan,” to my American wife and she replied with an annoyed, “MiSHigan!” I then shook my head and mumbled, “Son of a Bish.”

    It’s this kind of petty point scoring that keeps us fresh.

    1. I worked with a woman named CHeryl, she hated being called SHeryl. She would argue that if her name was Sheryl it would be spelled that way, her name was Cheryl and she wanted people to pronounce it right. To finally get the point through she asked people if they ate shocolate ice cream with sherries on top while sitting on a shair.

  3. As long as we’re all still working towards a common language.

  4. Do they not have sarcasm in Britain? That’s what “I could care less” is.

  5. Here’s an interesting take on the subject…

    I could care less about it myself (but I won’t tell you how much!) ;-)

  6. I always thought, “I could care less” was the first half of “but not much less”, that was always left unsaid. Is this not the case?

  7. Yes!

    Actually, as an American I was strongly bothered by “I could care less” beginning in my early teen years. I corrected this error quite a few times (more than twice.)

    I would never have been bothered by an inflatable fort.

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