Changing the course of e-books? Really, I didn’t know I was doing that.

Here’s a jolt of crazy to start my Monday. A top Amazon SF writer wrote a piece on his blog this morning about how my experiment of cheap, high-quality serialized fiction harkens back to the golden age of sci-fi. Peter Cawdron wonders if I’ve stumbled onto a new model, a blueprint for the next era of digital book entertainment.

If so, I assure you it was in much the way Mr. Magoo used to stumble on the clues to solve the case. Or perhaps I’m more like Inspector Gadget, and my wife and dog are doing all the hard, dangerous work behind my back.

Either way, it’s nice to be a blind, lucky fool. All four Wool books are currently in the top 20 of Amazon’s Kindle Science Fiction. Strange things are definitely afoot.

Okay, shoo. Go read the article. It kicks ass and drops names.

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  1. therevertedbutterfly Avatar

    I am thrilled that you did, er, have. I haven’t read your books yet, but have been hearing great things about Wool, & when I saw they were only 99 cents, well, for a finically strapped girl like myself addicted to reading & horror, I did a little ‘yay!’ dance. Thank you kind sir, as I go to purchase my very 1st Wool book!

  2. Congrats on your indoctrination!

    The First Annual (and likely last) Kool-Aid Party for WOOL addicts will be held on February 15th. Bring your own robe and sandals, please!

  3. Not sure where to post this comment, but first, I absolutely LOVE wool and am anziously awaiting the next installment! However, SPOILER ALERT, I am mad at you because just as I start to like someone, you kill them off! Not fair (but great writing). Anyway, I bought Wool on a whim, and now am totally interested in the rest of your books. However, despite how many hours of googling and searching I have done, I cannot figure out the order of the Molly Fyde series! I would prefer to read them in order if possible! Sooooo, basically, what is the order that you reccomend I read them in? Thanks so much and keep working on Wool 5!

    1. Yeah, I should have this spelled out on the Amazon product pages. Reading order:

      Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue
      Molly Fyde and the Land of Light
      Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions
      Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace

      And thanks for the kind words!

  4. Pretty cool indeed. Do you remember reading King’s Green Mile as $2 episodes in the mid 90s? Love the concept.

    1. I didn’t know that’s how Green Mile came out. Very cool.

      Even before Wool, I’ve been toying with serializing my Molly books so I can add to them a section at a time. It fits so well with my writing habits. I hope to get around to that this year.

    2. The Green Mile was great – loved the anticipation. Looking forward to the same feeling with Wool.

  5. I believe you have stumbled onto an excellent new way of marketing ebooks. Keep it up :D. I am a collector of the printed word, if signed, as well. What would it cost me to have all your works signed and shipped to Canada? Please email me a sum, with expected shipping. Thanks, Tase,

  6. Doug Fairbanks Avatar

    Of course you know this is going to become a film! I just hope it is done by the right director to keep the feel of the books…..I wonder if Peter Jackson has read them yet?….we could only hope! Very good work Mr Howey! :)

  7. Almost done the Omnibus Wool 1-5. Nice work, looking forward to the next one. I have an habit that started with Arthur Clake book The songs of distant earth, I read it all while listening to Mike Oldfield CD under the same name, which he made after reading the book. Now When I read a book I pick an album and listen only to it in loop until done with the book. For Wool I picked Coldplay Mylo Xyloto, and what a match ! First the same and Silo is a match, but the music and so many lyrics makes me think of Wool. I beg you, if you need a soundtrack for Wool, movie or TV, please consider songs from this album. !!

    1. I’ll put the record on this weekend and give it a listen! Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. I am still finishing Omnibus Wool 5, but might have heard something about a movie? If so, I think Charlize Theron would make an awesome Jules! Really liking the story and will get the next one once this is finished.

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