Charlotte Meet-Up!

A bit impromptu, but it looks like it’s happening anyway. I know of a few people who want to get together during ConCarolinas, not all of whom are attendees. So I think we’re gonna go somewhere for food Saturday night. The panels from 6:00 – 8:00 aren’t all that enticing, so that might be a good time.

ConCarolinas is taking place in the Hilton Hotel at University Place (near UNC Charlotte). Not sure yet where we’re gonna eat, but it’ll be someplace close by. Maybe we’ll have pizza delivered and eat by the pool. Who knows. So let’s just plan on meeting in the lobby (right inside the front doors) at 6:00.

And if there’s just four of us, no problem. If there’s fourteen, maybe we’ll go on a raid, or something. Beat up some Klingons.

6 responses to “Charlotte Meet-Up!”

  1. We’ll be there in about 3 hours. Then we can plan the raid on those arrogant Klingons in the Omega House. Food Fight!!!

  2. OMG look what I found–2-million-luxury-apartments-Kansass-Doomsday-proof-block-sold.html

    REAL silos… which sort of creep me out. REALLY CREEPY. I do think they need more levels.

    I can barely wait for the next installment of WOOL!!! I re-read the whole series again. My husband hates me because he doesn’t want to sleep so he can finish them =). When I don’t have anything smart to say in conversation I always ask/recommend people read WOOL and well it has earned a few brownie social points. heheheh

    1. Um, Hugh… Their silo has a beach level with what appears to be tanning lights and a swimming pool! Why don’t WE get those!??!?

    2. Even without the end of the world those look like some pretty swank digs. Now if it just weren’t in Kansas. Now if they set up one of the missile silos as a dive tank, we might be able to really ride out the apocalypse in style.

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