An Update on Signed Books

Believe it or not, in the midst of all this moving nonsense, I’m still printing mailing labels, signing books, and stuffing them into padded mailers. I will be a little behind, as I had to ship books to the Florida address rather than chance missing them in passing. So, some of the recent orders will go out next week. I’m used to getting these out the day after they are placed, so I’m frustrated with the effect the move is having on my system. Everything should be back to normal soon.

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  1. Frustrating, but temporary. Aren’t you glad to have so many orders to deal with? :)

    1. It’s a nice problem to have.

  2. I’ve been holding off on placing an order until everything settles down with the move. I can tell I’ll have to buy all the original covers of Molly plus all the sweet new covers when they come out and keep them all mint in their original packaging so they retain their value.

    Damn you Hugh Howey! I swore never to kill another tree for my amusement and you’re making me kill trees!

  3. I just finished First Shift. Must. Have. Signed. Copy.

    Seriously, Hugh. When will the leather bound edition of the W.O.O.L. series be available? Put me down for a set!

    1. Subterranean Press is selling the set for $180, leather bound. I also want a leatherbound set, but that is a little pricy for me. Hey, Hugh, don’t you want leather bound copies of your books too? People are paying 80 bucks for each of the original createspace books, surely you can sell leatherbound copies for that pricemark? i would gladly spend 80 bucks for a leather covered Wool Omnibus.

  4. […] I saw that the book is available on Hugh’s website as a signed copy, but it said to email to get mailing rates to the UK.  I sent a message and got an email back from Hugh himself six hours later.  I was impressed and was really taken aback when I replied and got another response an hour later. He was happy to give details about when his next book is due out and was remarkably open about what is going on in his private life that might affect his relationship with his readers (how quickly he could get a book sent out.)  I assume it was coincidence, but the same day he posted the details on his website… […]

  5. I’ve been waiting until you’re all settled to get my signed copy :)

  6. Deborah Paterson Avatar
    Deborah Paterson

    Dear Hugh, I’ve just discovered wool and it sounds right up my alley, but before I have the chance to buy it and read it can you tell me what age group this is suitable for. I have a 10 year old who loves to read and has read past his age group. Do you think your books would be suitable for a 10 year old (he’ll be 11 by the time he gets it) I’m just curious as I will buy them for my kindle but it I buy it for him I’d like to buy a signed hard copy. He has read and loved the Hunger Games (and I was directed to your book as a suggestion for people who have read HG). Pls advise I just don’t have time to read them first before buying it for him (birthday present) If so, I am in Sydney, Australia, can you advise on postage my postal code is 2173 Thanks

    1. The books are a little more grown up than the Hunger Games trilogy. Not quite as violent (YA books are unmatched for violence these days!), but the themes and dialog are more adult. There are also some 4-letter words. I would recommend the books to precocious 12-year-olds and up.

      My Molly Fyde series is better suited for boys his age. Great YA fun in space with an awesome cast of characters. You should also get him a copy of ENDER’S GAME. It’s my favorite book of all time, and I probably first read it when I was 10 or 11.

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