Coming to you Live!

Oh. My. Gawd.

I have this conference call today, so I needed a room with some high speed internet. There are all kinds of offices you can rent for the day, week, month here in New York, so I pulled up a map. Turns out there’s one right beside the marina called WorkSocial. Perfect. I book a room.

I walk into the building today, and there’s a massive, gargantuan, epic video screen behind the receptionist. On the screen is my boat. I mean, that’s about all that’s on the screen. The deck of my boat. Where I lie on the trampolines at night with a glass of wine. Where I watch the sun set from the upper deck. Where I lay out nude, because you really can’t see the upper deck from anywhere in the marina…

…but you get a real damn nice view if you walk into the lobby of this 16 story office building.

“Uh, does that camera change?” I ask. I’m assuming it flips through other cameras in the area. The lady behind the desk looks over her shoulder.

She shakes her head.

“Does it move?” I ask.

“No,” she says, then looks suspicious. “Why?”

“That’s my home,” I say. I point. I’m still processing.

The lady looks at me again. Hesitates. “Were you washing your boat this morning?”

I nod. I was. In my usual attire.

The rest of the conversation got awkward from there. And I made a note of how to adjust the boom so I could continue to lay out without being NSFW in a workplace. I also thought the view was a bit blurry, and maybe someone should go out and clean the lens.

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30 responses to “Coming to you Live!”

  1. lol!! That’s hilarious!!!

    Now you know why they’re charging so much to rent some space there!

    1. Join the movement. Some of the amenities we offer come by accident. Otherwise we are fairly placed. Thank you for the kind mention Hugh

    2. How do you comment on here?

  2. Haha I love the ending: “maybe someone should go out and clean the lens.” :)

  3. If they knew you were coming, it kinda makes me question whether it was just a coincedence. Lol

  4. Hugh,
    That is awesome! You should charge them rental fees for your reality TV show: Naked on a Boat!

  5. Peter Difatta Avatar

    Funny! Love the reference to your book.

  6. Bahaha!! The boss is wondering why all his people are staying extra late!

  7. This is incredible! Now you should make a point to just draw pictures/ write words big enough for the camera to see. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long until they changed it.

  8. Haha Lol! You never know when you’re being watched ?

  9. BobbieJoe Derhak Avatar
    BobbieJoe Derhak

    So she saw you cleaning your boat and didnt recognize your face. Hmmmm… Mustve been the blurry screen. Or perhaps her eyes were elsewhere? Lol. I say… Keep ur tan lines non existent and enjoy the view

  10. Funniest thing I’ve read this week ;) Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Ha! Given that you were on that conference call with me I think you processed this revelation extremely well. Great story! Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. thx.

  12. LOL! I cannot stop laughing. That’s seriously awesome.

    1. The you lady in the picture is the best concierge in the world

  13. That is pretty hilarious stuff. Wow. Love the Wool connection there too. What a world.

  14. Well at least you aren’t Dexter…

  15. God, this is funny! Good thing you’re in shape.

  16. That’s beyond hilarious! There’s always someone watching in the big city.

  17. I’m totally dying of laughter right now. Especially the WOOL reference.

  18. Hugh – Read this to my Sis this morning, who is struggling with the end stages of aggressive cancer. Your words made Kay and her hubby Jim laugh until they cried. Thx!

  19. The person that gets sent to clean will probably get distracted by the view and wander onto your boat.

  20. They should be paying YOU!

  21. Jennifer Daydreamer Avatar
    Jennifer Daydreamer

    It’s sort of, weirdly, the plot of Wool but in the reverse.

  22. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    Any chance for some updates on the boat? Would love to hear what worked and what you would do differently.

    Looking forward to more Blog entries.

  23. Just make sure you ask them for the recording from the last few days… oh, wait! I already saw it on YouTube :)

  24. I have this wool rag they can use to clean the camera…

  25. Welcome to the Mr. Atlantic competition. And now for the next part of the competition – The birthday suits.

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