• The Long Road to Oz

    I made a dash for the garage as soon as the van pulled to a stop. Behind large wooden doors turned gray by the beating sun was a musty room that smelled of fish and sea salt and rust. Beach bikes hung from the ceiling; surfboards stood in a rack; there were fish gigs like… Continue reading

  • Coming to you Live!

    Coming to you Live!

    Oh. My. Gawd. I have this conference call today, so I needed a room with some high speed internet. There are all kinds of offices you can rent for the day, week, month here in New York, so I pulled up a map. Turns out there’s one right beside the marina called WorkSocial. Perfect. I… Continue reading

  • Don’t Wait

    Don’t Wait

    I’m sitting on my boat in Georgetown, Exumas, watching the sun rise. The last time this was true was seventeen years ago. My boat then was Xerxes, a 27′ Watkins that served as my home for five years. I dropped out of college after my junior year and sailed south. It was one of the… Continue reading

  • Maiden Voyage

    Maiden Voyage

    There was a Milky Way above me and a Milky Way below. I’ve never seen a more breathtaking sight at sea. The sky was clear, the sea alive with life and light. We’d rounded Cape Agulhas — the Cape of Good Hope — around sunset. Hours later, I was up for the 2am shift, and… Continue reading

  • A Tour of Wayfinder

    A Tour of Wayfinder

    Welcome aboard WAYFINDER. In a few days, we set sail around the Cape of Good Hope for Cape Town. In another few weeks, me and three companions will sail across the Atlantic for the Caribbean. This is without a doubt the best cruising catamaran I’ve ever set foot on. It’s all due to the excellent… Continue reading