ConCarolinas 2012

I’m back from NYC and checked into our hotel room at ConCarolinas 2012. Looking forward to some entertaining panels, meeting new people, and not seeing the piles of boxes in our house.

It’s cool that a work convention can feel like a little vacation from all the chaos lately. Monday morning begins the physical process of loading the U-Haul. Tuesday evening, Amber and I will be in our new home in Jupiter, FL. I can’t wait to update the site from there, maybe show some “before” pictures, and begin the process of settling down and returning to some semblance of a routine.

For now, though, it’s time to just enjoy ourselves and the geek-fest that’s about to begin! If you happen to attend, we’re trying to get a group together for dinner on Saturday, so join up with us. I’ll be wearing the blue coveralls tomorrow. Yes, there will be pointing and laughter. I’m acclimated.

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  1. I’d bet your coveralls will be one of the more low key outfits present.

    Definitely take “before” photos, so you can see what you’ve accomplished later. It’s one of life’s small satisfactions. Good luck with the moving, and safe trip.

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