Holy crap, I have the awesomest fans!

Well, I didn’t look like an asshole last night. At least, not for the reason I feared. I would guess we had 20 or so readers show up at Lillie’s Victorian. It could have been more, because the hostess screwed up the reservations and had us at the front of the bar instead of back by the fireplace. But no matter, we had a blast.

I want to thank everyone for showing up and for being so damned awesome. The best part of the night, for me, was looking up and seeing former strangers talking about everything not-Wool. The group just gelled.

It also turned into something of an all-star author meet-up. Matthew Mather (author of the fantastic ATOPIA series) made an appearance, as did Dave Cullen, who wrote one of my favorite books, COLUMBINE. Kristin Nelson, my dynamite agent, stayed for a while. And Tim O’Connell, one of the rising stars at Knopf/Random House, stayed until after midnight.

I look forward to everyone sharing the pics they took, hearing what they thought of the evening, and seeing how fast all the spoilers I doled out permeate the interwebs. Yeah, the meet-up crowd knows more about the Wooliverse than anyone other than me. I believe a napkin full of schematics was smuggled out of the joint at some point…

It was a magical night for me. It must’ve been: I never stay up past midnight. So thank you to everyone who made it and to everyone who really wanted to be there but couldn’t. One of the highlights of my journey thus far, without doubt.

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  1. A great time was had by all. Today’s hangover is well worth it. Cheers!

    1. Cheers, Jeremy! So glad you came out!

  2. That sounds awesome. Columbine was an excellent book. Let me know when you’re over in central Illinois area.

  3. Checked out the Atopia series over on Amazon (thanks for the link!). They look really unique and something I plan on checking out soon. Information is slim when I Google them. Any idea how many he plans on doing?

  4. Glad the night was a success! Wish I could have been there!

  5. Nice!
    If you ever come to Toronto, I’m your man.

  6. You do have amazing fans. I thought mine were good. You had me envious. When they started diagramming on napkins, I was taken aback.

    Very cool. And I met some wonderful people, too. You attract good people.

    Really great talking with you about publishing and your big wave. I’m learning a lot from you, and also found some inspiration. I WROTE today, more than I have in weeks. (I even wrote on the subway on the ride to yoga this morning.) Thanks.

  7. I had a great time. It was fantastic to be able to talk to complete strangers knowing we had something in common: the love of Wool. Even better was when we came across a point of debate we could turn to Hugh and get truth from the source. Thanks for being so approachable Hugh. Can’t wait for your next work.

    Here’s the napkin sketch in question:


    1. AHHHHH! that’s it! I couldn’t wrap my head around the staircase issue! At first I was under the impression that it spiraled in the center of the silo but after reading further into the series, My mind was tricked into thinking it had to be rotating around the circumference because of how danged long it took to descend the levels! Thanks for clearing that up for me napkin drawing guy!

  8. Would have liked to have been there, too. Post raises two questions: 1) Hugh – do you have a reading list for us? I’m going to try out the Atopia series as it looks interesting, but I’d love some recommendations. As you know, getting new authors in eager readers’ eyeballs is always a challenge, and 2) Did Wooliverse just become a thing. Love it. Although, Woolyverse would work equally well.

  9. Wanted to second Dave’s comment — what a great group of people. A pleasure meeting you all. Thanks Hugh.

  10. Delayed comment, but Hugh, thank you so much for organizing the meet-up a few weeks back! It was loads of fun. I had a fantastic time meeting you and all the wonderful people who were there. What a great group–so many awesome conversations! And to whoever paid for my drink, thanks! Not sure how that happened but it is much appreciated. :)

    I’ll see some of you again in cyberspace on goodreads and various blogs.


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