Cool magazine spread

My home county magazine just did a spread on me. You can read the entire issue on-line. Very cool articles, including a story about the policeman who slapped Oprah Winfrey and lived to tell about it. Some enticing recipes, too!

4 responses to “Cool magazine spread”

  1. Cool spread, and that is the perfect picture of Bella as I imagine her in her prima donna ways, lol. I too pursued what I thought would be fun and workable only to make sure I gave my writing dream full effort first. You’re an inspiration that this might one day let me quit my day job too.

    1. Thanks, Tim! I’m loving the latest Podcast. You put a wonderful show together.

  2. Thank you. I’m listening to the first one right now for samples to submit for the Parsec Award. I was thinking about this last one, and how you really have to set aside some time to hear it all. I’m glad you’re finding time :)

  3. Excellent article. I see Bella supervises well. Very nice.

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